5 Men’s Fragrances That Will Have You Smelling Fresh

Smelling good is a must for the modern man – ladies love a well-dressed man, but they love a well-dressed man that smells good even more.

The world of men’s fragrances and colognes is a lot more complicated than you might think, there are so many brands vying to get your attention it’s easy to get lost and pick something you’ll hate. As a fragrance enthusiast, I’ve gone through hundreds of fragrances and every purchase has been a lesson, here are just a few lessons on men’s fragrances’s.

  1. Expensive Doesn’t Equal Quality – Some of the most expensive fragrances I’ve bought turned out to perform very poorly and some of the cheapest fragrances outdid designer brands in terms of longevity and scent.
  2. Formulations Change – You find an amazing smelling fragrance that you love. The performance is great and you’re getting heaps of compliments. You use up the entire bottle so you go ahead and order a new bottle only to find out the formulation has changed, the performance has dropped and the scent is different. This happens A LOT.
  3. Give Lesser Known Brands A Try – Don’t automatically run towards the designer brand fragrance because you recognize the name, this means very little when it comes to fragrances. Some of the best fragrances I’ve ever bought have been because I gave a brand I’ve never heard of a try.

With all that said, here is my personal list of the 5 best fragrances that will have you smelling fresh and receiving compliments over and over!

#5 – Bleu De Chanel

bleu de chanel

Scent: 10/10 – Bleu De Chanel smells absolutely amazing. It is in my top 3 best smelling men’s fragrances of all time, a perfect fresh and clean smell with a hint of masculinity. You will LOVE the scent.

Performance: 3/10 – The performance of Bleu De Chanel disappointed me tremendously. It’s such an amazing fragrance but it simply doesn’t last very long and the projection is poor to say the least. Very disappointed that a giant brand like Chanel dropped the ball on this or else this fragrance would definitely be higher up on the list.

#4 – Versace Eros

Scent: 9.5/10 – Versace Eros defines summer for me. It’s relaxing, it’s FRESH, it combines extremely well with the natural scene of your body. It’s a very energizing scent that just smells good in the best way possible.

Performance: 5/10 – In terms of longevity and projection, Versace Eros leaves a lot to be desired. It really saddens me when an amazing smelling fragrance has average at best performance. You can expect this fragrance to last you 2-3 hours maximum. Expect a lot of compliments with this fragrance.

#3 – Chanel Allure Homme Sport 

chanel allure homme sport extreme

Scent: 9/10 – Chanel Allure Homme has a very interesting scent. When I first smelt it closely on my skin, it wasn’t anything special, but after a few minute of letting it linger and combine with the oxygen in the air, the scent becomes very nice, and masculine. Definitely a great smelling fragrance.

Performance: 10/10 – I LOVE the performance of Chanel Allure Homme, it’s exactly how a man’s fragrance should perform in my opinion. Within the first hour you will project very nicely and people will definitely smell this on you but as the day goes on, it becomes shorter and more personal in terms of projection. The fragrance lasts for 8+ hours EASILY.

#2 – Dior Sauvage

dior sauvage

Scent: 9.5/10 – This is definitely a great spring fragrance. The best way to describe Dior Sauvage is sharp, sexy and very alluring. If you want a sensual and sexy spring fragrance, GET THIS.

Performance: 9/10 – The performance of this scent is amazing. If you’re in a room full of people, you will definitely stand out from all the other generic smelling fragrances. This fragrance has given me the MOST COMPLIMENTS out of all the other ones on this list. Expect 6+ hours of steady performance with this fragrance.

#1 – Creed Green Irish Tweed

creed green irish tweed

Scent: 9.8/10 – How can I even begin to describe Green Irish Tweed. Freshness, pure masculinity, divine. This is definitely a unique scent, you will be very lucky to find anyone else wearing this which is a very big upside. When I smell this fragrance, I think of sophistication, high class, high status, CEO’s and private yacht parties. This fragrance smells green just like the name – pure money and perfect for spring / early summer.

Performance: 9.5/10 – With the amount of money you’re paying for Green Irish Tweed, you best bet I’m expecting some AMAZING PERFORMANCE. The longevity is great, exactly how a men’s fragrance should be, it will last you the entire day with different power throughout the day. It goes strong for hours on end and you will still receive compliments till the very end of the day. The projection is perfect, not too crazy and not too subtle, just the right amount of projection, people will definitely smell this on you and the freshness of your scent when walking past anyone will have them turning their heads. Expect 6 hours of smelling great.  

P.S: Don’t forget how to properly apply fragrance!