How To Properly Apply Cologne (So It Lasts All Day)

Many men make the mistake of either overdoing it when spraying fragrance (causing everyone around them to gag) or underdoing it to the point that you can’t even smell the scent on them.

The secret is knowing where to spray and how to apply the fragrance.

First we have to establish something – Fragrance isn’t mean to overpower. You shouldn’t walk into a room and have everyone smell you right off the bat. Fragrance should be a nice surprise for someone when they get close to you.

This of course, has a lot to do with choosing the best men’s fragrance. A quality fragrance will naturally last longer and dim slowly in scent as the night goes on.

Fragrance is a small reward, it’s a whisper – not an announcement that lets everyone know I’M HERE when you walk into a room.

Where To Apply Fragrance On The Body:

You want to spray yourself in the places that generate the most body heat, this is typically where most of the major sweat glands are located.

Best body areas to apply cologne:

  • Underarms
  • Wrists
  • Neck
  • Thighs
  • Inner Elbows
  • Crotch

Ok, so you don’t want to spray fragrance on your crotch, that’s for sure – you also don’t want to spray every single spot, 1-2 areas are more than enough.

The best places to spray are the wrists and neck – these are places that generate a decent amount of body heat and are also areas woman will most likely smell when they’re close to you.

How To Apply Fragrance:

  • Spray around 4 inches away from your skin.
  • If you’re applying cologne from a non-spray bottle, tip it over gently and pat it on your skin, do not splash too much out of the bottle.


  • Make sure to always apply fragrance to dry skin, never your clothes
  • If you apply cologne to wet skin, it will have trouble mixing in with your natural bodily oils and the scent will diminish quickly
  • Common Mistake: DO NOT rub the cologne in. This is a very common mistake guys make. This will just make the fragrance evaporate quicker.
  • When in doubt – just press and pat.