3 Unique Ways To Style High-Top Sneakers

A classic staple for every man’s wardrobe. There’s something about a high top that you’re just not gonna get from a low top.

Coming in different colors and styles, the high-top is the epitome of classic cool.

Whether you want to create a casual everyday look or style down a formal outfit – this sneaker is renowned for its versatility.

Keep scrolling to find out the best way to style them, regardless of what the occasion might be.

Super Casual

When it comes to summer styling, there’s nothing better than chino shorts paired with Converse high tops. Wear them with socks that come up above the top of the shoe to add some interest to the whole look.

This type of shoe allows you to create all kinds of different looks, from simple tees and shorts to Cuban collar shirts and denim jeans. If you want a pair that matches everything, stick to neutral colors like white or black.

Another great way to style high-top sneakers is with denim or chino shorts, a tank top and a button-up shirt on top.


A great thing about high tops is that in terms of their shape they’re very similar to a boot so you can wear them in outfits that you would otherwise wear boots.

For example, go for black jeans, a white t-shirt and a leather jacket for a classic motorcycle style outfit. Finish off with a white pair of sneakers to make it a lot more casual, comfortable and stylish.

In terms of jeans and high tops, try to cuff the jeans just a little bit so that the bottom lands right around the top of the shoe. 


Throw a fun suit styling at you a high-top sneaker can totally work with your summer or any time of year casual suit stylings. Opt for a double-breasted suit and keep it unbuttoned.

Skip the tie and make sure your pants are nice and tailored since you don’t want to be too overly long and flowy. Especially if you choose a white high-top shoe, it allows you to style any color suit combination you want.

Styling a high top with a suit is surely an unexpected way, but it adds a fun, modern touch to a formal suit. For very formal events (i.e. black tie), a high-top sneaker can be the perfect way to style it down. 

You can create a monochromatic look with black high tops or add color ones. Experiment with textures and finishing details like studs or even sparkles for some added glam.

Alternatively, you can go even bolder with your high-tops and pair them with chino pants, a blazer and a patterned shirt underneath.

This can be a perfect look for a summery cocktail party.