Ways to Style Minimal Sneakers

When it comes to footwear, quality, craftsmanship, and luxury are three qualities that define a good shoe. If you’re in doubt about choosing the right shoes, the answer is to go for minimal trainers. One of the great things about a low-profile minimal sneaker is that there’s a wide range of choices, brands, and price points. Brands like Jigsaw, Koio, Common Projects, Oliver Cabell, Uniform Standard, and Selected are perfect.

Minimal sneakers work well with almost anything in your wardrobe and can be worn comfortably in all seasons. A dream in every minimalist’s shoe collection! Come in many forms with clean silhouettes and neutral colors, from low-top canvas shoes to high-top leather. Here’s the ultimate list of some of the best outfit ideas to go with minimal sneakers.

With Denim & Plain Tee

Minimal sneakers can go perfectly well with denim jeans and a nice-fitting t-shirt. Opt for a pair of minimal white sneakers in leather. Add a jacket or button-up checkered shirt on top of it for an extra stylish vibe. Or you can go for a total denim-on-denim look if you want to make a statement appearance.

With Shorts & Cuban Collar Shirt

You can wear your sneakers with a pair of shorts for a casual, relaxed summer look. Keep the sneaker lean and slim looking, and opt for invisible socks. Prefer canvas sneakers for a morning look, or if you’re going for a mid-casual night outfit, stick to leather sneakers. A pair of beige chino shorts, a neutral-colored shirt and brown leather loafers or boat shoes would be ideal.

With Black Jeans

If you’re searching for a chic denim look, combine a pair of black denim jeans with a topcoat, a collared shirt, and black or white sneakers. You can keep the look total black or mix and match white sneakers with black skinny or tapered fit jeans. Roll the hem of the pants to make even more the sneakers stand out. A leather jacket on top would make the look more modern and stylish.

With Knitwear 

There’s nothing more elegant and stylish than a cozy knitted jumper in the winter. Pick a solid knit sweatshirt in beiges, greys, and browns, and pair it with chino pants. A wool coat on top can put together the entire look. Minimal trainers can be the perfect way to accessorize the outfit.

With Suits

Minimal sneakers can work just as well with formal and smart-casual looks too. Think of an oxford shirt paired with a nice tailored suit for a sophisticated smart-casual look. White leather sneakers can give the outfit a classier touch, especially when you want to balance formal and casual wear. A minimal sneaker makes it effortlessly cool for a night out with a blue, black, or charcoal grey suit. For a luxury pair, look at Gucci, Acne Studios or John Lobb.

With Sweatpants

Sweatpants and sneakers can be styled with anything, from a plain t-shirt to oversized hoodies and knitwear. Switch your minimal white shoes with off-white, cream, beige, brown, or light grey to make a difference. Wear a matching set of sweatpants and a sweatshirt to accentuate the clean silhouette of the sneakers. Add a bomber jacket on top to add a street-style vibe.

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