Common Projects Alternatives

The Common Projects Achilles Low are by far the most popular white leather sneaker on the internet, and for good reason. It’s the epitome of a beautiful white sneaker, the perfect silhouette backed by amazing quality.

Pair them bad boys with some invisible socks during the summer and you’re already a fashion god in most places.

common projects achilles low alternatives

It’s no wonder the shoe has almost doubled in price since it’s release, purely off the hype / supply and demand.

This has made guys look for alternatives to the shoe, that gives the same clean minimal aesthetic and quality construction, but for a lesser price.

Here is our 3 best options for Common Projects Achilles Low alternatives.

1. Lacoste White Sneakers

These Lacoste sneakers are a classic. A very thin and elegant look that perfectly resembles the common projects.

2. Svensson Classic Low

Svensson’s are apparently made in the same factory as the common projects. They also go for less than half the price, which explains why they’re pretty much always sold out. Get on their notify list though and make sure you cop a pair on their next restock.

3. Kent Wang White Sneaker

Kent Wang’s are a very frugal option for a common projects alternatives at basically 1/5th the retail price. Unfortunately this also means they move fast. Don’t fret though, they’re restocked often.

4. Greats – The Royale

The Greats Royale are an amazing pair of white leather sneakers which many people love. The quality is comparable to the Common Projects, the look is pretty close too. These are a bit more widely available and a little pricer than the Kent Wang’s but you can still expect them to be sold out most of the time.