How To Style New Balance Sneakers

From being the quintessential ‘dad shoe’ that no trendsetter would ever touch, to being one of the hottest and most stylish brands of sneakers, New Balance have come a long way with both their public perception and the styles that they offer.

New Balance has a ton of different styles of sneakers, but the good thing is all of the sneakers can be styled pretty similarily since they generally give off the same vibe. The vibe being a classic sneaker silhouette reminiscent somewhat of the 90’s (think the kind of sneakers Jerry Seinfeld would wear).

If you’re looking to snag yourself a pair of New Balance, some of our favorite models are the 574, 2002r, 990, 327, 550 and 530.

We made a handy little graphic to help you decide which style you like best below:

Styling New Balance Sneakers

When it comes to styling new balance sneakers, you want to keep two things in mind:

Vintage works best (but not always)

What does this mean? Well think about what kind of clothes you would be wearing in the 90s – straight leg jeans, oversized flannels, etc.

Since New Balance sneakers give off a very 90’s look, it just synergizes well with that style.

Sneakers are the star

You want to show off the entire sneaker, unlike say when you’re styling a pair of Jordan 4’s that look better when the pants are covering it a bit, New Balance are the opposite.

Opt for tapered or cropped pants to fully show off the sneaker.

New Balance Outfits

Here are a couple of example outfits that really demonstrate the principles we talk about when styling a pair of new balance.