Fashion and Style Tips For Athletic Builds

Your hard work has paid off. You put in the hours. Prepped the meals. Downed the chalky protein water that’s only sort of palatable. Now you’re a gym warrior.

You have guns for days and it’s clear you have never skipped leg day.

Unfortunately, at some point you have to change out of those Nike shorts and into something a little more stylish.

You may not be much of a fashion buff, but your body is now carved from stone, and you deserve to show it off.

How To Dress As A Muscular Man

A well-developed chest elevates a basic t-shirt into a fashion statement. Your hulky quads make even the most boring khaki shorts a chance to show off those gains.

It’s tempting to stick with gym attire. There’s that one shirt that makes your delts pop, and no one disagrees that nothing is more comfortable than mesh shorts.

But do you really want to be that guy who hasn’t put his guns away since the first day of spring? The guy wearing a tank top at dinner?

Henleys are great for the “My workout is chopping wood” look, and it’s okay to wear them slim.
They stretch, and not being able to completely button your shirt is actually a good look in this case.

Polos are a great way to pull off a similar look in a professional setting. Try a classic Fred Perry to draw attention to your chest and arms.

Unlike henleys, you don’t want to wear a polo too tight – Paul Bunyan doesn’t belong in a cubicle.

And lastly, don’t forget there are other shoes besides sneakers.

Even investing in a simple pair of high quality boots can really pull together your redesigned wardrobe.

Jeans For Big Thighs and Squat Booties

While dressing your lower body may seem like less of a headache than your top half, those blessed with herculean quads are likely to disagree.

So often, you will see big guys opting for baggy, ill-fitting jeans.

Fifteen years ago, before the men’s pants revolution, there likely would have been no easy solution. You simply would have to go try on a hundred different jeans and hope that one would fit.

Luckily for you, we live in an age dominated by slim fit jeans, which means one thing: elastic!

Elastic has been in women’s jeans for decades, but it wasn’t until men’s pants started getting skinnier that it was utilized in both fashion worlds.

That doesn’t mean you should squeeze yourself into any pair of pants you find at Urban Outfitters and call it a day.

It does mean that many brands have incorporated elastic into different cuts, so you can find what’s best for you.

Levi’s, for example, has come out with an Athletic Fit.

They’re fitted, which, as with shirts, works to accentuate your features, but they are specifically built for large thighs and glutes.

Thanks to added elastic, these jeans will give you more room to move and breath.

Say No To Small

The super small t-shirt is the most common pitfall for the musclebound.

Your muscles will definitely be accentuated, but so will every bit of body fat, and unless you’re jumping on the crop top bandwagon, don’t even think about raising your arms.

Instead of browsing the Baby GAP section, look for different fits.
Slim fit, tailored fit, European cut.

There’s a variety of different labels which indicate they will accentuate your athletic build without sacrificing length, width, or breathing room.

Some may advise you to shy away from anything “skinny,” and while that may be solid advice for pants, an XL slim-fit shirt will always look better than a S on an XL man.


A lot of guys cringe at the idea of getting their clothes tailored. It’s expensive, time consuming, and out of their realm of experience because most men wear clothes straight out of the store.

Nevertheless, I could not understate the importance of finding a good tailor. Alterations won’t break the bank. In fact, in the long run, they may end up saving money and time buying and potentially ruining ill-fitting clothes.

Tailoring your clothes allow you to choose quality over fit. There’s no need to settle on low quality jeans with an off the rack fit you prefer to a pair you know will last you twice as long but don’t look perfect in the fitting room.

Buy that high quality denim! A tailor will set them specifically to your proportions, giving you the perfect fit.