How Many Pairs Of Jeans Does A Man Need?

The million dollar question: How many pairs of jeans do you really need?

Well – it depends. What kind of jeans do you prefer? Blue jeans are almost universally known as the standard for jeans, which means you should own at least one pair, but do you get dark wash jeans or light wash?

Sometimes, you want to wear black denim, because well, it’s cool. Other times a pair of gray jeans is perfect for the occasion. We can see how this can become a problem, before you know it you’ll own 20 pairs of jeans! (Which coincidentally, will all fit differently)

You don’t want that, the key is to always have a few pairs of high quality jeans. But this raises the question, what are the best men’s jeans in 2017? Here – That might help you with that.

So now that we got a list of high quality jean brands, how many of each do we need? Well – I always recommend the 3 rule for men’s denim.

  1. Blue Jeans
  2. Gray Jeans
  3. Black Jeans

With those 3 you should have all your bases covered!