How to Style Track Pants— 5 Easy Outfits for Men

Let’s face it. These days, you’re probably spending more time in casual clothes than ever before. While it felt great to ditch the stuffy suits you wore to the office, you probably still want to feel put-together. In this how-to guide, we’ll break down how to style track pants— a smart alternative to sweatpants—even if it’s just for a Zoom call or your weekly grocery run.

What Are Track Pants? 

Track pants are a modern style of sweatpants characterized by a tapered leg and drawstring waist. They are typically made with lightweight, stretchy fabric. Because of their slim fit, most styles of track pants feature ribbed cuffs or side zips at the ankles. While online shopping, you may also see track pants referred to as joggers or slim-leg sweatpants. 

As the name suggests, track pants were initially designed as athletic wear. Today, they’re worn for both casual and athletic purposes. Thanks to the growing popularity of streetwear, track pants are now an essential part of a man’s everyday wardrobe. 

Are Track Pants And Sweatpants The Same Thing?

Traditional sweatpants are made using heavyweight cotton fabric. While this provides comfort and added warmth, it makes them bulkier and more suitable for loungewear. Unlike classic sweatpants, track pants are usually made with lightweight cotton fabric. They may also be made with performance fabric like polyester, which helps to wick moisture and keep you feeling cool.

What Shoes Should Men Wear With Track Pants? 

Since track pants are considered athleisure, the safest footwear choice is sneakers. Pairing joggers with formal footwear can be challenging to get right, but when done correctly can have a European feel. If you’re looking to create a more smart-casual look, try going sock-less in a pair of boat shoes or loafers.

Track Pants Outfit Ideas for Men

T-Shirt and Track Pants

Consider this the elevated version of a tried-and-true loungewear combo: a t-shirt and sweatpants. The timeless combination creates the perfect casual outfit for running errands or working from home. The key to mastering this look is to focus on fit and quality, so it’s worth investing in a few high-quality basic tees and track pants. Choosing slim-fit pants and t-shirts will ensure you look sophisticated instead of sloppy.

Stumped on how to style printed joggers? Begin by pairing them with a simple white t-shirt. A well-fitted basic tee scores style points of its own, while keeping the focus on your statement pants.  

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Sweatshirt and Joggers

No grubby gym sweatshirts or old sweatpants allowed! This athleisure track pants outfit is all about looking modern. It’s an easy way to wear track pants from athletic wear brands without looking like you just left the gym. 

All you’ll need for this look is a pair of joggers and a hoodie or crewneck sweatshirt. For an even more athletic look, go for a matching tracksuit. 

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Denim Jacket and Track Pants

Track pants and denim jackets are two essential items in a man’s wardrobe, and pairing them together makes for the ideal weekend outfit. Denim jackets are a versatile outerwear option to pair with your joggers. 

While you can wear just about any style of sweatshirt or t-shirt underneath your denim jacket, nothing beats a classic white tee. A modern slim-fit t-shirt balances out the track pants’ tapered leg and shows off your body underneath. 

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Button-Down and Track Pants

A button-down and track pants outfit is a no-brainer for working from home. It’s meeting-ready on top and comfortable on the bottom. Opt for a casual button-down like a chambray shirt, an oxford, or even a flannel. On the weekends, unbutton your shirt and wear a t-shirt underneath.  

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Track pants are the best casual pants for men in 2020. They’re versatile, comfortable, and easy to wear. Thanks to these easy ways to style track pants, you can wear them just about anywhere. Regardless if you’re heading to the gym, the supermarket, or only your home office, you can still look your best. Does wearing track pants during your workday even count as wear sweatpants to the office?