Athleisure: How To Properly Step Out in Sweats

The great Karl Lagerfeld once quipped that “sweatpants are a sign of defeat.” But in 2018, even a cursory glance down any of the world’s great fashion avenues weaves a different tale: if you want gold medal style, athleisure is your ticket to victory.

Today, technical fabrics applied to casual clothing are less about standing out and more about blending in. Gone are the hi-viz neon tracksuits of yore; in their place, technical, understated basics ready to change how you move in our ever-faster modern world.



Athleisure sits squarely at the intersection of form and function. On one hand, athleisure ensembles shoulder drip technology: waterproof zippers, laser-cut seams, and innovative fabrics all define the style. On the other, these engineered features need aesthetic cues, or they risk compromising the casualness of the look.

The best athleisure outfits emphasize activity through performance fabrics and clever design while staying grounded in everyday wearability.

If you want to master this blend of style and substance, stick to the basics. Thanks to their technical details, simple, unadorned tops from most sportswear brands will make a splash. Versatile garments here include minimalist style tech tees, sweatshirts, lightweight joggers, and fleece jackets.

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As for bottoms: it’s all about the joggers. While track pants may offer retro flair, when it comes to form and function combined, tapered technical sweats are impossible to beat. Plus, innovative fabrics like Bonobos lightweight fleece extend these stylish garments into all-weather territory, giving you carte blanche for cozy in any condition.

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If you’re looking for lifestyle-enhancing tech fabrics integrated hidden in everyday pieces, aim for more fashion-oriented “activewear” brands like Bonobos.

They make amazing men’s clothes and they provide free shipping and returns which cannot be understated in it’s importance when purchasing clothing online. Having the option to return garments that don’t fit free of charge is simply amazing.

You’ll pay a pretty penny, sure, but their products represent the true cutting edge of both apparel design and fabric research.



Want to bulk up your athletic-inspired style? Check out our 5 essential picks, covering both high and low budgets:

  1. Lightweight sweatpants. Movement-friendly and built for any condition, from driving snow to that 6am spin class. Don’t skimp on these – the right sleek sweats make or break any athleisure wardrobe.

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  1. Track jacket. Thanks to years of outdoors field testing, your track jacket may just be the most movable piece you own. Plus, it even looks good. Word of advice: stick to neutral colors to avoid looking like a tourist in a poncho.


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  1. High-tech sneakers. Every movement starts with what’s on your feet. Whether on the street or in the gym, take bold strides in a pair of futuristic, design-focused sneakers.


4. Updated crewneck. The classic athletic silhouette meets 21st-century design and technology. These modern takes on the age-old crewneck sweat provide lightweight, movement-friendly warmth without compromising style.

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