Best Ways To Style Sweatpants / Joggers

Nowadays, sweatpants are cozy and classy and far more acceptable than ever. Apart from being an amazing item of clothing you can wear inside the house, they’re also an item of clothing that you can dress up for a day out. Instead of being considered loungewear, it is now a stylish way to stay both cozy and stylish throughout the day.

Joggers were made to be styled with sporty sneakers, but they also look great with boots. You can get them in all sorts of colors, such as shades of grey, white, beige, cream, khaki, black and even burgundy. These are all very versatile colors and will go with anything you pair them with. If you are looking for ways to style your favorite sweatpants, you’ve come to the right place.

From casual to mid-casual looks, joggers are your go-to piece to create unique daily outfits for fall/winter!

Outdoorsy chic 

Opt for a black pair of sweats that are cuffed at the bottom and tuck them into some boots to create an edgy street look. Add a plain t-shirt and a flannel or a plaid shirt over the top to make an interesting look different from what everybody else will be wearing. A pair of classic Dr. Martens combat boots or Timberlands are both excellent choices. 

Extra tip: Wear white socks to add a contrast between your joggers and your boots. Trust me; it will make a difference! 

Upscale Casual

In the same way that with a dressier suit, you can wear the sweatpants and the sweatshirt separately. Add a denim jacket and some sneakers and it’s a perfect daytime running errands outfit that is just a little bit more streetwear. Alternatively, you can go for a nice casual button-down shirt and then throw on a denim jacket and a minimal low-top sneaker for a little bit dressier look.

Sporty chic

Starting with just a nice knit soft polo shirt, it’s the perfect base layer to build your outfit. Style it with a pair of cuffed joggers and sneakers to create an athletic and sporty look that’s still modern and very casual. Go one step further by throwing on a coat and a beanie to add extra style and function. Choose one with a more relaxed fit because anything that’s too fitted could look a little bit mismatched with the joggers. Opt for an oversized wool coat or a puffer jacket that both add a lot more class to the fit without making the joggers look out of place.

90s vibes

’90s are calling! Go for a vintage aesthetic look and turn your casual joggers into a statement piece. A full matching sweatsuit in a neutral color can work really well with an Oxford-style button-up shirt tied around your waist. In terms of shoes, you can embrace old-school vibes with some Chuck Taylor Converse High Tops.

If you’re going somewhere where you need to be a little bit more elevated, you can ditch the hoodie, put on the button-up shirt and all of a sudden you’re looking a little bit nicer.

Full Matching Sweatsuit 

When traveling and you want to slip into something comfortable, consider wearing matching sweatpants and sweatshirt, a cardigan, or a zip-up hoodie. Sometimes all of a sudden, on the plane or in the car, it gets really hot, so you can easily remove your sweatshirt. Choose solid colors, such as black, white, beige, navy blue, light green or brown and if you want to create a contrast, add a basic white t-shirt underneath. It gives a subtle bit of detail but it makes a big difference. Small touches like this can take your outfits to the next level without being too loud, adding more layers to the fit.