Best Men’s Sunglasses – Latest Trends in 2022

With summer in full swing, sunglasses have returned as a staple accessory. Finding the perfect sunglasses is tough, but 2019 has brought about some interesting new trends in high-end men’s fashion.

Apart from the traditional classic shapes, 2019 has seen a burst of more creative colors, frames, and even opting for some more innovative lenses.

Inspired by the recent tiny glasses trend, smaller and more inventive glasses have emerged in favor of the classics

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American Optical Original Pilot Aviator

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Anthony Romano

Grooming & Fashion Expert

A Blend of Old and New

The perfect eyewear is highly dependent on face shape. At the same time, that does not mean that you have to stick to the same aviator, wayfarer, or browline glasses.

Classics are classics for a reason, but 2019 has given way to expand on what we know works. Many high-end brands offer these classic styles, and they probably always will.

However, a new trend in blending the typical shape with new trends and styles.

Take, for instance, the Gucci “​Specialized Fit Square Frame.​” You can see the influence and structure from a classic aviator tear shape, fixed with a downward sloping top band.

At the same time, it becomes more geometric, a trend seen across designer brands. Instead of a curved teardrop shape, it is transformed into an asymmetrical pentagon.

Adding one step further, the same glasses come in two different shades of pink.

The colored glasses trend has been going on for a few years now and does not seem to be stopping any time soon. If the color isn’t in the lens, it is on the ​frame​.

Neon and bright colors have been cropping up all over the place, perfect for the summer as a statement piece.

Dior pushed the envelope even further with their “​Dior Chroma 1​” that has a gradient from blue to pink to yellow in each lens while remaining in the aviator fashion.

These are just two examples that indicate brands are inspired by the essential eyewear we all know and love, but adding that extra something to step up the look.


Along with the emergence of new colors and expansion of classic styles, many designer brands have pushed the limits even farther.

Brands like Prada, Saint Laurent, as well as Nieman and Marcus have branched out into completely new shapes including ​triangles​, ​hexagons​, ​diamonds and more.

This trend gives men a chance to explore new and unique types of eyewear. It is the perfect accessory to step up a classic look with a little extra flair and style.

These glasses show a creative and interesting side while remaining clean and polished. This trend has really stepped out of the bounds of what used to be expected of eyewear.

It gives the chance to be a little outside your comfort zone. Fashion has become increasingly focused on individuality and a sense of personal style and confidence to explore the unexpected.

This trend is the perfect exemplification of this new perspective.

Shield Glasses

Along with the emergence of the newer geometric shapes, plenty of brands have looked into retreating to the ​shield​ shape.

Almost as a counter-reaction to the tiny glasses trend, the shield glasses have been cropping up across brands in men’s fashion.

The shield shape is bold and striking, yet at the same time, the shape remains simplistic and neat.

Although the shield glasses first appear to be on the opposite spectrum of the small geometric trend, they rest in the same vein. They are an interesting, new look.

They challenge the wearer to elevate the outfit an extra level. Interestingly enough, there is still something geometric about the clean, unified shape. It is daring, yet reserved at the same time.

The shield is just another example of pushing the boundaries of classic style.

The year 2019 is definitely the time to try a new and unexpected style, to push the assumptions of what eyewear can be and how it can be styled.

It is an accessory, but one that remains front and center, it is a statement that can be utilized and diversified based on the outfit it supports.