Go Sockless: The 7 Best No Show Socks

So summer has finally arrived and we thought now is a good time to give you guys a simple guide on going sockless for the summer.

How To Go Sockless For The Summer


Going sockless starts with taking care of your feet.

  • Get a loofa and scrub your feet. REALLY scrub and use some good bodywash to do it. A pumice stone can also be handy here.
  • If your feet are mildly sweaty, using something like baby powder is a good measurable step to take.
  • If your foot sweat is more akin to hyperhidrosis, you might want to check out our article on how to stop sweating so much.
  • If you’re prone to getting foot blisters when going sockless,  rub a little bit of vaseline on the spots that rub against your shoes.


You don’t want to wear the same shoes consecutively when going sockless. They will stink like crazy. Rotate between shoes and give them a chance to dry out and get rid of all that nasty moisture that builds up.

Tip: Put a dryer sheet or two in your shoes after wearing them sockless, sprinkle some baby powder in there also. It will get rid of any odor and moisture overnight.


When we say going sockless, you don’t literally go sockless, you wear a type of sock that goes under many names: (no show socks, ninja socks, invisible socks, loafer socks).

The Best ‘No Show’ Socks

Here’s a simple list of the best no show socks you can purchase.

VansCheck PriceCotton/Nylon/Polyester
UniqloCheck PriceCotton/Nylon/Acrylic/Polyester/Spandex
ConverseCheck PriceCotton/Polyester/Nylon/pandex
StomperJoeCheck PriceCotton
Ralph LaurenCheck PricePolyester/Spandex
AdidasCheck PricePolyester/Cotton/Spandex/Rubber