The 9 Best Bodywashes For Men (2018 Edition)

Never underestimate the power of scent. Your scent is your first impression. Scent can change the course of a date. Scent is what separates the boys from the men.

While we’re sure you have your favorite cologne or body spray, you can’t cover up poor hygiene with Usher for Men.

Every man’s pre-date routine needs to start with his body wash. Whether you go for a neutral, odorless base to build on or something bolder, you need to keep clean and smelling good.

So we’ve put together our list of the best body washes for men. We’ve covered all our bases so whatever your scent preferences, you’ll find something here.

1. Mahogany Woods by Bath and Body Works

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We’re going to start this list out strong. This is for the mountain men. The urban lumberjacks. The only thing bigger than your beard is your flannel collection.

No matter how many pine trees you’ve chopped down today, you’re eventually going to have to wash off that manly musk.

That’s where Bath and Body Works comes in. With Mahogany Woods For Men, a 2 in 1 from their Signature Collection, you can go into the world smelling like the forest without all the sap.

2. Barber Hair & Body Wash by C.O. Bigelow

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Keeping in with the woodsy set, our next wash takes it a little more modern.

The Barber collection by C.O Bigelow gets a lot of buzz in the the cologne and deodorant world, and this body wash is no different.

The scent combines agar wood and tonga beans to bring a soften edge to the rustic tradition.

This is once again a 2 in 1 hair and bodywash, but you’re an adult. Use this for your skin and buy another shampoo. No amount of time or money saved makes up for a strong shampoo.

3. Pure-Castile Liquid Soap by Dr. Bronner

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When it comes to “all-natural,” there’s no more of a household name than Dr. Bronner’s.

This next body wash is from there all-in-one liquid soap line. It’s completely unscented, so not only is it easy on the skin, but it’s also perfect for pairing with your favorite cologne.

If you want more control on your scent, this is where you need to go.

Dr. Bronner’s soaps can run a little on the expensive side, but for $18, you get 32 ounces of liquid for your hair, face, body, dishes, whatever. When they say “all-in-one,” you know they mean it.

4. Black Peppercorn Body Wash by Molton Brown

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“Hot.” “Spicy.” “Adventurous.”

Those are probably the last three words you’d expect to hear in a body wash article.

Here comes an interesting blend from the high end powerhouse, Molton Brown.

With a combination of coriander and peppercorns, this is a unusually warm scent that will truly set you apart.

While it may be hard to match with a cologne, this is a perfect base to let do it’s own thing.

5. Eucalyptus Mint Body Wash by Every Man Jack

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Let’s move away from the musks and woods for a minute.

The next wash on our list comes from Every Man Jack, which, as the name implies, is a relatively inexpensive men’s products company.

This option from them comes in a cool mint, while avoiding the artificial scent with eucalyptus. As a bonus, this wash is 97% naturally derived.

That means the fragrances are the real deal. They also avoid the chemicals that tend to dry you out.

Pick up anything from their body wash line if you want happy skin to go along with a great smell.

6. Daily Moisturizing Body Wash by Aveeno

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Maybe you have some problem skin. Not every soap is going to cut it for you if you’re drying up an hour later.

You need something with some intense moisturizing qualities. Our next body wash is for you.

This gel from Aveeno is going to work to keep your skin healthy and happy all day long.

The scent is a very light oatmeal, so you’re going to have to where some cologne, but it’s worth it.

If you don’t take care of your skin, people can tell. No smell can cover that up.

7. Body Wash + Shampoo by Rugged & Dapper

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For another all natural option, we have a non-scent heavy gel from Rugged & Dapper.

This is a deep cleaning body wash, so if you leading an active lifestyle, this might be your new best friend.

This is another one to pair with a good cologne, but when you get home from a long gym session, you need to power through the grime first.

8. Scrub Body Wash by Irish Spring

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Irish Spring is probably not one you expected to see on this list.

Irish Spring is the budget bar soap your mom bought you in high school. It’s about on par with Axe and Old Spice.

But they came out hard with their Signature for Men line. This blend throws in some oats to make sure you get out of the shower smooth and moisturized.

That’s what separates this body wash from the cheap drug store soap you’re used to.

9. African Black Soap by SheaMoisture

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Our next body wash is actually a bar, and the only one you will see on this list.

There are definitely benefits to a body wash. They’re more portable, they last long, and they’re usually cheaper.

However, this bar from SheaMoisture is too good to pass up.

Black soap is a soap made from the ash of certain African plants. Its known as a gentle cleanser and an all-natural acne treatment.

SheaMoisture is a family company with a long history, and they’ve honed their craft of shea butter based products.

This product is great for your skin, has a very mellow and sweet scent, and only runs you about $6. If you’re emptying your wallet on countless other skin products, swap them in for this one bar.