The No BS Guide To Stop (Excessive) Armpit Sweat

Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis is one of those problems that doesn’t seem like a big deal until you have to deal with it.

Than it’s the most annoying problem in the world.

I’ve had to deal with excessive armpit sweat pretty much my whole life and I just dealt with it. Switching shirts multiple times per day had basically become routine. Only wearing black was normal for me.

I finally got fed up and started doing my research on how to get rid of excessive armpit sweating once and for all. Here’s what worked for me and some options you can try out.

The Best Antiperspirants For Underarm Sweat

1. Certain-Dri


2. SweatBlock

3. ZeroSweat

4. Odaban

There are some insanely powerful products on the market in 2018 that can put a stop to excessive sweating for days to weeks on end.

Basically this is how to use them:

  1. Shave your armpit hair so you can apply the product to the skin.
  2. Make sure your armpits are clean before applying. Take a shower.
  3. Only apply product before going to bed. This is when your sweat glands are least active. Leave on until you wake up and shower in the morning.

This will work for a majority of people and either minimizes by a lot or get rid of their excessive armpit sweating completely.


Some people are very sensitive to the aluminium chloride (the main ingredient in these sweat blocking products). You may experience redness or a rash. Stop using and go to a doctor if that happens to you.

Sweat Proof Undershirts

Another option you have when dealing with excessive underarm perspiration is to purchase an undershirt specifically made for people that suffer from hyperhidrosis.

The Thompson Tee Sweat Proof Undershirt

These undershirts have integrated sweat pads that will absorb your sweat throughout the day leaving whatever you wear over them completely dry. Pretty handy if you ask me.

See a Doctor

Many people that suffer from hyperhidrosis never take this option when it’s the most obvious one.

They try so many products and solutions and give up when none of them work.

This in my opinion is the option most likely to solve your problem with excessive sweating.

Your doctor will be able to provide you with several solutions, the most common being to prescribe clinical antiperspirants that you can’t but without a prescription.

These are the grand daddy of sweat blockers and they will for sure help you out.