12 Men’s Style Outfits Every Guy Should Look At For Inspiration

Last updated: February 14, 2022

Between the rich colors, interesting textures and fabrics and the ability to wear layers without overheating, modern menswear has never been more exciting.

However, finding the perfect outfit for each day may be tricky sometimes. Luckily for you, here you will find the most stylish outfits to get inspired. No matter what the occasion may be, this list includes them all.

1) Denim Jacket & Cargos

For a casual sunny day in the city, when you’re running errands or simply strolling around, this outfit will do the job.

Opt for a comfy pair of cargo pants or olive green chinos, styled with a beautiful light blue denim jacket and a simple t-shirt underneath. Complete the look with a pair of vans.

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2) Long Coat & Hoodie

If you want to look extra stylish, elegant, and sophisticated, this outfit will help you achieve that. Style a pair of neutral colored chinos that are not too baggy nor too tight with a layer-friendly hoodie. Layer a long coat on top to make a smart casual look.

Finish off with a pair of white sneakers, and roll the hems of your pants if they’re not already cropped.

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3) Chinos & Knit Sweater

Wear these grey chino pants and white leather sneakers to stay looking sharp on your downtime.

Practical and classically masculine, this look is a go-to for a casual dinner or a coffee date. In case you feel a bit chilly, throw on a knitted sweater– everything from cable to waffle styles – in a navy blue color to add an extra charm.

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4) Cargos & Fleece Jacket

There’s nothing better on a winter day than a warm fleece jacket paired with insulated cargo pants. Y

You can choose to stick to neutrals or create a monochromatic outfit, or even make a statement with a colorful sweatshirt or jacket. Tuck a plain t-shirt into high-waisted pants and accessorize with thin chain necklaces for a smart office look.

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5) Premium Black Tee

For a casual yet striking look opt for a premium black t-shirt paired with dark olive pants. Don’t be fooled, this is a simple look but the devil is in the details.

Cuff the pants, slightly tuck in the shirt and wear the proper belt to elevate this simple look to the next level.

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6) Casual Coat

For those chillier days or nights out where you require a bit more insulation, opt for a heavy parka that will keep you warm on top and a pair of straight leg jeans for your bottoms. Finish the look off with a classic pair of low top converse in white.

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7) Trench Coat & Sneakers

For those days that you want to be super casual and stylish but do not want to slide in your sweats, this look is absolutely for you. You can never go wrong pairing blue with beige shades during the fall and the winter time.

Start with a pair of mid-washed jeans and a sweatshirt, and then throw a timeless beige long trench coat on top. It’s a look that any guy can pull off for a morning coffee date or a day in the city. A pair of white dad sneakers are the perfect way to complement this look.

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8) Summertime Staple

When the weather get’s warmer and you want to break out the shorts, don’t forget to pair them with some 90’s style high socks and skate shoes. Finish the look off with a white-tee and a lightweight long sleeve.

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9) Joggers & Sweatshirt

Apart from being a fantastic item of clothing you can lounge about the house in, they’re also an item of clothing that you can dress up for a day out. For a relaxed and casual outfit, choose an oversized sweatshirt or hoodie and a pair of joggers. Whether you want to hop into something comfy for the weekend or head out to the gym, this look is ideal.

As for shoes, a pair of sporty sneakers will work perfectly since joggers were made to be paired with sporty sneakers.

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10) Business Casual Cool

This look works amazingly because of the color combinations of the dark brown desert boots, the khaki chinos and the grey button up. This look can be worn to the office, on a night out or just a casual coffee date.

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11) Long Sleeve & Casual Cargo Pants

For a casual day at the office, consider an outfit like this when you want to appear effortless, cool, and sophisticated. You simply can’t go wrong with a dark long sleeve, a pair of cargo pants and your favorite sporty minimal sneakers.

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12) Grey Sweatshirt & Navy Chinos

The best looks are always very simple and minimalistic. Take something very simple like a grey sweatshirt, and pair of with a clean pair of navy chinos. Instant cool.

When going for simpler looks, it’s always good to accessorize with things such as a wrist watch to elevate the look even further.

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