The 5 Shirts Every Man Should Own

Is your wardrobe lacking some severe diversity when it comes to shirts? Do you own the same t-shirt in every color and are looking to switch it up?

In this article I want to talk about 5 different types of shirts that you can wear for different occasions. These shirts are a must have for every guy and I guarantee you will be thankful you have them in your wardrobe when the right occasion arrives.

Each of these shirts have subcategories, so you can pick based on your own discretion. For example, if you live in a warmer climate you might opt for a short sleeve button up rather than a long sleeve.

The 5 categories of shirts we recommend are:

  • T-Shirts (Slim fit, Oversized, crewneck, V-neck)
  • Short Sleeve Button Up (Hawaiian/Bowling/Plain)
  • Long Sleeve (Henley/Regular)
  • Polo
  • Dress Shirt

Let’s go through all 5 of these shirts and give you guys some recommendations.


Our pick: PLAIN & SIMPLE – Premium Organic T-Shirts

I’m a t-shirt fanatic. I’ve tried all different types of t-shirts from a variety of companies and I have come to one simple conclusion:

You get what you pay for.

I bought a t-shirt from a high end basics company for $50. Yes that’s insanely steep for a simple t-shirt, but I’ve had that same black tee for over 5 years now. It hasn’t lost color, it hasn’t shrunk. It looks like the first day I bought it.

I also have a dozens of shirts I bought from fast-fashion brands that have holes in them, lost their luster, or shrunk two sizes too small on the first wash. In conclusion, go for quality – it pays off in the end.

Short Sleeve Button-Up

Our pick: Foret – Seek Shirt // Men’s Retro Short Sleeve // Striped Casual Button Down

This is a pretty wide variety of shirt that can encompass a lot of different styles.

Think of a Hawaiian shirt – that’s technically a short sleeve button up, and so is a plain old black short sleeve button up. But the context and occasion you wear them in can change drastically. I love these shirts for when I’m going on a date or if I’m trying to look a bit fancier than usual.

Long Sleeve

Our pick: ISTO – Long Sleeve Shirt

The long sleeve shirt has a sort of elegance to it. It’s very hard to beat a long sleeve black shirt when it comes to pure class and elegance. But other long sleeves also exist, for example the Henley.

Whilst a little more down the ladder on the casual to formal scale, the Henley is still a great addition to any wardrobe, especially if you have a good physique.


Our pick: Luca Faloni – Classic Polo

Of course our list wouldn’t be considered complete without the polo, the shirt choice of James Bond. Whether you’re having a few holes of golf or you’re trying out that new Italian place, you can’t go wrong with a polo.

The perfect choice that is never too formal and never too casual. It treads the line perfectly and thus definitely has a place in our closet.

Dress Shirt (Linen)

Our pick: L’ESTRANGE – The All Day Shirt

When I say dress shirt, I’m not talking about the dress shirt you would wear to a wedding or to the office, of course you should own a pair of those, but I’m talking about a slightly more casual type of dress shirt that has become super popular to wear in more casual situations.

Think of these shirts made with lighter material like linen, they’re perfect for the summer season and always look good when paired with some chinos.