The 5 Best Henley Shirts For Men

With fall in full swing, and winter coming fast, the best way to stylishly beat the frigid temps is layering. If you live somewhere with brutal winters, you’re probably used to thermals and long johns, but those mostly stay hidden.

It’s important to have a warm base-layer, but why not pick one that adds to your outfit? Henleys are a great way to give off a tough lumberjack vibe, all while keeping your non-tough self warm in the snow and wind.

As with all wardrobe basics, not all are created equal. You can treat henleys like underwear, buying new, cheap ones when the cold hits, or you can invest in a high-end option that will last for years.

To be honest, both are perfectly fine options. No one is going to be judging you for wearing a Target henley, but sometimes you want to step it up. We’ve put together a list of our favorites.

The Best Overall Henley For Men

We were very surprised by the J. Crew Slim Broken-In Henley. The broken-in aspect gives this option a little bit of a rugged edge, while still maintaining fashion standards with the slim cut. However, it’s a bit on the thin side. This is going to take some serious layering, but it’s the perfect shirt for after the jackets peal off.

The Budget Option


The Gap Heavyweight Henley is a great budget option. It has an easy fit to it, so if you like ’em tight, you might want to size down. However, for layering purposes, this is a slam dunk. As the name implies, it’s a little on the thicker side. This may not be great for LA, but if you live anywhere with real winters, you’re going to love this henley.

The Most Durable

The American Giant Long Sleeve Henley comes from a company known for durability. While their man focus is tough outerwear, that same mentality goes into this shirt. It’s a mid-weight cotton, so this rides the perfect line between the last two. Plus, at under $50, this might be the “cheap” one that still lasts for years. Pick this one up from American Giant, and maybe grab the rest of your layers too.

Bonobos Waffle Henley

We’re finally getting into the more expensive options with this one from Bonobos. It’s a lighter weight fabric, so take your home’s climate into consideration. You don’t want to be left with a $70 undershirt. But for layering’s sake, this is very versatile option. Thick enough to give you some added protection, but thin enough that you won’t be sweating it out under your flannel.

Purchase: $68

Schiesser Slim-Fit Cotton-Jersey Henley

We’ll be blunt: This is super thin as far as henleys go. Warmth-wise, don’t think of it as much more than a long sleeve undershirt. So why did we include it on our list? Because it’s unbelievably comfortable. If there’s anything worth coughing up the big bucks for, it’s comfort. It has a slim cut to it, so it won’t swallow you up. Just make sure you pair it with something warm.

Purchase: $80

Henleys are definitely the way to sashay into winter in style. Just keep on adding layers, and you can make it all the way to spring without looking like the little brother from A Christmas Story.

Whatever your budget, you can find one that works. Your body AND your wallet can be happy.