6 Things That Are Killing Your Sense of Style

When it comes to fashion, you have already heard this many times but it’s indeed all in the details.

Here some pointers and tips for making sure that your outfits look the best they can and how to avoid the small things that ruining your appearance.

Luckily, these all things very easy to fix and won’t require you to change your style or dress someone that you’re not.

1) Mixing Patterns / Colors

When it comes to mixing and matching different textures, motifs or colors, it can be tricky and difficult for many guys.

It’s better to stick in the same color family in similar tones and hues of one color to create a monochromatic outfit.

Remember that patterns should complement each other and not compete with each other.

Try not to overdo it with a different color and pattern on every piece of clothing that you’re wearing.

2) Bad Socks

You have to make sure that you wear the appropriate socks with the shoe of your choice.

Opt for simple, solid color pairs of dress socks to wear with your dress shoes.

Pay attention to the small details and avoid any flashy, tacky socks that may ruin your whole look.

3) Wrong Undershirt

Generally, the undershirt should match the shirt that you’re wearing on top. Try to follow along the neckline and make sure it lines up nicely.

One of the biggest noes is the button-up with the crewneck because it ruins that nice sophisticated look of your button-up.

Instead of wearing crew neck t-shirts under your dress shirts, opt for a v-neck that will accentuate your dress shirt style.

4) Pants Too Long

It simply makes your legs look shorter and it’s not flattering at all. The correct length is going to depend on the specific type of pants that you’re wearing.

Keep in mind that your pants should not be bunched up at the top of your shoe.

Prefer slim-fit or tapered fit pants to avoid this kind of issue. Otherwise, if you prefer a boot-cut or a dress pant, you can tailor the trousers to the exact length depending on your height.

5) Over Accessorizing

Although accessories are a great way to show your personal style and your flair, they can also ruin the whole appearance if you wear too many.

You can simplify your jewelry and still be able to show your aesthetic.

Opt for a nice watch, one bracelet, a subtle thin chain, or one ring, and not all these together.

6) Wearing Wrinkled Clothes

You should always take the time to iron your clothes, especially your dress shirts, simple t-shirts and dress pants.

It’s also inappropriate for the office and will certainly not impress your date.

It only takes 10-15 minutes to iron, and that will make you look 100% more stylish.

A better option might be to have your shirts, pants and suits dry-cleaned. It may cost you more but it’ll save you a lot of time.