6 Sleek and Stylish Boots That Will Upgrade Your Look

It is important when dressing as a man to finish your masculine look with great, comfortable and convenient boots.

Boots are a great way to upgrade your look. They allow your feet to breathe, stay warm and safe when working. This post is aimed at arming you with the best information that will help you buy a quality pair of boots that also look amazing.

When it comes to boots there are 2 golden rules you want to abide by

YES: To classic styles that feature an upper leather
NO: To Boots with square toes, pointy toes, any sign of distressing and metal add-ons.

best boots for men 2017

Quick Recommendations

These are what I consider the best boots for men. From beginner to advanced boot lover, you’ll find something you love here.

Boot Features

Many guys don’t know this, but the sole is the most important aspect of a boot. It will determine the sturdiness of a boot and what weather conditions the boot can survive in.

Leather sole: Great for dressier and fashion boots, great material all around except for dealing with slush, rain, and snow. This is the lightest weight material for a sole.

Crepe sole: Very comfortable. Same problems as leather in harsh climates. More of a casual look.

Cork sole: You can put this to work. Good traction. Similar to rubber.

Rubber sole: Work boots are almost exclusively made from rubber, as are many fashion boots. This is THE standard material for boots and the heaviest.

Boot Styles


Work Boots
Work boots are meant to be used and abused as their name suggests. They also have the benefit of looking pretty good in an all around casual outfit. Work boots are a great choice for the colder, wetter months.

Hiking Boots
Hiking boots are technically meant for hiking as the name suggests, but really it’s because of their specific look.

Chukka Boots
Chukka boots have become hugely popular in recent years, now everyone owns a pair. And you should too. Every manufacturer makes a pair of Chukkas.

Dress Boots
Dress boots are way too big of a category to be covered here, but the basics are as goes: Plain leather soled boots – or cap toes. Mostly British, some American.

Chelsea Boots
Chelsea’s are usually slip-on, with plain toes and elastics at the ankles. We have an entire article dedicated to Chelsea boots if you want a more in-depth look.

General Boots
These are your usual, casual, shoes that don’t fit solely into one category.


Boots made of leather will stretch over time in width but not in length. Boots should be a snug fit, not a tight fit across your entire foot. Having a bit of wiggle room for your toes is essential. Boots should definitely not slip off your heels when you’re walking or running.


Caring for boots is not that difficult. A good brushing and cleaning with mink oil twice a year will do the job and then some.
For protection, you want beeswax. Dress boots are taken care of the same way as dress shoes are, with a nice polish. Most boots should have no problem being worn every day, dressier shoes made with lighter leather should be given a day of rest between wears.


Boots will always be more expensive than shoes, so be prepared to invest a little more when buying a high-quality pair of boots. If you’re looking at a pair of boots that cost less than $100, run.

No GOOD pair of boots will ever be that cheap. You can find plenty of excellent quality boots in the $200 range, and really beautiful with amazing quality stuff in the $300 range.