9 Best Dress Shirts For Men To Build Out Your Formal Wardrobe

If you’ve ever set foot into an office that had some kind of dress code, you’ve realized how easy it is for men to fail at picking the best dress shirt for them – one that is both dress code friendly and flattering.

Dress shirts are one of those key menswear pieces next to blazers that seem easy to pick out and wear at first – but are surprisingly complex.

Whether you’re beginning your dress shirt collection with essential basic colours that every man should own, such as white and baby blue or you’re looking to take your dress shirt game to the next level by expanding your colour range and styles to the yellows, reds and stripes of the world, we’ve put together our list of the best dress shirts to help make your decision that much easier.

Before we get into our list of the best dress shirts for men, let’s answer some question.

How Many Dress Shirts Should You Buy?

Dress shirts are an article of clothing that you must have multiple pairs of for different occasions and settings. For the purpose of building your dress shirt collection from the ground up we recommend you buy 2 pairs of white dress shirts and 1 pair of light blue dress shirt. Dress shirt lifespans are short lived, so you need to have extras on hand just in case.

Brands You Should Know About

When you’re beginning your dress shirt collection, or looking to buy your first pair of quality dress shirt, it’s important to not go all out and spend too much money on a luxury brand that has more name value than material value. Buy a dress shirt that is balanced in terms of quality and price. As your tastes change you can dip your toes into luxury and bespoke brands – once you’ve mastered the basics. Keep reading as we’ll reveal some of the best dress shirt brands that meet our quality standards.

Top Pick

I’ll be honest with you, this one really surprised me. I don’t usually expect this high of quality from an Amazon product, but I give credit when it’s due. They have neck and sleeve sizes which is very nice to have. Made with 100% Supima cotton – overall just a well made dress shirt that fits great and feels great.

Charles Tyrwhitt dress shirt

Charles Tyrwhitt meets our specifications in terms of the amount of quality you’re receiving for the very reasonable price you’re paying. With this brand you’re getting a great fit with a ton of different customization – lots of fabrics if you want to switch up your materials and to be honest with you a pretty incredible quality for this price range.

TM lewin dress shirt

A British menswear brand so you know you’re getting class and quality. What I love about TM Lewin is how often they have amazing steals in their clearance section. Fits are not as slim as some other brands, so keep that in mind.

uniqlo dress shirt

Would any quality-to-price list be complete without Uniqlo? Of course not. The japanese brand continues to impress us over and over. Their comfort dress shirts are perhaps the most comfortable dress shirt you’ll ever wear.

Banana Republic dress shirt

BR has a pretty large selection of dress shirts in all different sizes, from regular more boxy fits to slim fits. The fabrics are higher quality than normal for this price range and the construction will hold up after years of office parties.

J.Crew dress shirt

Readily available with the latest styles. J.Crew always has some great deals on multiple dress shirts which is worth a look if you’re building up your shirt collection from the bottom up. The quality, fit and materials are all passable and quality for what you’re paying for, especially if you grab them on sale.

Bonobos dress shirt

Some of the largest selection in terms of fits, patterns, and sizes (collars, sleeves, etc). The quality of Bonobos dress shirts can not be understated, you’re going to get something properly constructed with high quality materials that will last you for years to come. Bonobos also frequently has multiple bundled pairs of dress shirts on sale for very reasonable prices which is an absolute steal.

Brooks Brothers dress shirt

What we like to call the workhorse shirts. Brooks brothers dress shirts almost always stand out compared to other dress shirts in their price range. Their selection is also otherworldly, everything from traditional fits to extra slim fits.

proper cloth dress shirt

Proper Cloth is a brand that can lead you to your next patterned shirt. This brand offers a variety of styles, perfect for someone looking to adventure out of their comfort zone. These shirts are breathable, tailored to compliment your frame, and stylish. What else could you ask from a dress shirt?