Quick & Simple Guide To The 10 Best White Sneakers in 2018

White sneakers are a crucial Summer item.

Pair them with light wash denim for a warm, beach feel. Slip on some black jeans for stark contrast. Put on a pair of light weight chinos for maximum summer cool.

Wear them with shorts so your pasty shins look bronzed in comparison.

Whatever the (casual) occasion, a clean pair of white sneakers passes the dress code. And once they get dirty, that’s a look all it’s own.

Whether you have money to blow on an easily tarnished $200 shoe, or you need a dirt cheap plimsoll for kicking around on Summer break, there’s something out there to fit your budget.

This is our list of the best white sneakers for men.

$: Slip On Sneakers in White by ASOS

Our first pair is for the budget fashionista that only cares about the bottom line. This slip on from ASOS is so kind to the bottom line that it leans more towards smoking slipper than the typical Vans knockoff. The sole is thin, but if you’re going for low profile, you won’t get much lower. At $16 dollars, you could probably afford to toss them as soon as they get too scuffed, but like we said, dirty white canvas shoes can be just as fashionable. Just tweak the wardrobe, and you have an evolving fashion piece at an absurdly low price.

$: Cotton Twill Sneakers by H&M

To up the price at a snail’s pace, we have a lace up canvas option from H&M. H&M has long been a stronghold in the last minute outfit world. You can throw something together that’s cheap AND fashionable in a way previously unheard of. The sneaker looks a little bit like a Vans Authentic / Adidas Superstar hybrid, with a thinner soul than either. The shape might make it a little more casual than a typical plimsoll, but it’s a solid option for most Summer shenanigans.

$: Low-Top Sneakers by Express

You’re probably more familiar with Express as a brand for clothing, but probably not shoes. With brands like Nike & Adidas muscling their way into the streetwear market, lesser known brands have gained popularity into casual footwear with minimalist white leather sneakers. The leather lace ups are reminiscent of the shelltoes, but they keep a much slimmer silhouette.

$: Authentic by Vans

Our next pair is the go-to white sneaker. Authentics have been a staple in the skater and alternative community for decades, and have enjoyed a prominent spot in the 21st Century hip-hop closet. With the clout that the name holds in the fashion world, Vans can at this point be worn with anything short of a Tuxedo. The Authentics also dirty up with the best of them, giving you an internationally recognized style that will last until you eat a whole through the heal.

$: Chuck Taylor Low by Converse

Chucks might be the only canvas shoes more iconic than the Authentics. From their hay-day as unbelievably uncomfortable basic ball shoes, to the feet of The Ramones, to pretty much every artsy high schooler in existence, Chuck Taylor’s have enjoyed a universal appeal other shoes have only dreamed of. Check out the monochrome white for a sneaker that will go with any jeans in your closet.

$: Fresh Foam Cruz Sneaker by New Balance

The rise of Athleisure means that “white sneaker” doesn’t always mean low profile any more. While white basketball shoes have always held a place of importance in the fashion world, running shoes are becoming more and more prominent. You may still think of your dad’s fossilized weekend shoes when you hear “white New Balance,” but trust us when we say they’ve changed their game. The Fresh Foam Cruz takes silhouette cues from Yeezys, while the snow white color gives them a clean, almost glowing, appeal.

$: Air Force 1 High 07 by Nike

The next sneaker departs sharply from the rest of the list, and for good reason. The Air Force 1 Highs have been a staple in closets for years, especially in white. The reason this list doesn’t feature a lot of high top basketball shoes is simply because they can be hard to pair with an outfit. These are the exception. Credit the slim (ish) design or society’s subservience to the brand name, these just work. You’ll see some people pull them off with very slim jeans, but for the most part, stick with something more relaxed.

$$: Stan Smith by Adidas

These Stan Smiths are our first pricey casual shoes. Returning to the low profile of our cheap selection, these sneakers maintain that while managing to provide a pretty unique silhouette. The off-white tones thrown in let you have the appeal of a white sneaker without the monotone. The unique shape might throw off the most discerning dresser’s outfit, but for the average man, these are a welcome deviance.

$$: Greats Royale by Greats

For the busy man with no time, but plenty of cash to spend on luxury goods, this white leather sneaker by Greats is the perfect fit. With a design that promises “luxury,” the Royale is a perfect fit for pretty much anything weekend related. This is essentially the high-class alternative to the classic white shoe, but the high quality uppers and linings take the classic kick-around shoe to a new level.

$$$: Common Projects Achilles Low by Common Projects

Our final and priciest shoe is this low top by Common Projects. While most would normal tear up a little about about a pair of shoes not aimed at sneakerheads costing this much, Common Projects makes it worth every penny. First of all, the shoes are crafted in Italy. If ethical labor standards and well-made goods are up your alley, that’s the best way to guarantee them. If you want to incorporate comfort, performance and luxury into your casual wear, this is the way to go.