Beat The Heat With The Best Men’s Sandals For Summer

Let’s talk sandals for men.

Sandals are a controversial topic in the men’s fashion world, some consider it an unforgivable faux-pas, Tom Ford famously saidI hate flip flops on men..

Others consider sandals a year round necessity and can’t imagine a day without the comfort of their flippy floppies.

The truth is sandals have been popular for thousands of years because they meet a functional need:

We naturally hate having stinky and sweaty feet during the scorching summer heat and sandals are a pretty good way to combat this.

Some dudes can easily opt for a light weight canvas summer sneaker with a pair socks that don’t show to avoid this problem.

For the guys that can’t go without a pair of sandals, this style guide was made for you.

The 5 Rules For Wearing Sandals

1. Never wear sandals with blue Jeans – Shorts and trousers (usually cropped) work fine though! Try some chinos.

2. Keep it simple – You don’t need to go full roman sandals here with 10 different straps.

3. Keep the colors neutral – I know you really want to wear those bright pink flip flops but keep it black, white, gray, brown for the most part.

4. Place appropriate – Sandals are great for the beach, resorts, boardwalk, pool and a casual stroll – They aren’t mean to be worn to work or a fancy restaurant (unless you’re a billionaire tech mogul)

5. Take care of your feet – By far the most important part of wearing sandals. Trim your toenails, use a pumice stone on your heel that looks like an old flaky biscuit

I’ll say it again because it’s so important: Keeping your feet looking nice is the most important rule to wearing sandals.

Now that we have covered all the basic rules to wearing sandals, let’s get to our list of the best sandals for men.

The Sandal Slides

These are my personal favorites.

A popular trend among younger people (especially athletes) is to wear slide sandals with tall black socks, not for everyone but it is one way to wear socks with sandals without it being a major faux-pas.

$: Adidas Adilette Black

$: Nike Benassi Swoosh Sandal by Nike

$: Web Slide Sandal by Gucci

The Fashion Sandals

These sandals are definitely a lot more fashion forward. More on the expensive side because you’re getting higher quality and more comfort a long side the trendiest sandals on the market from brands like Birkenstock, Suicoke and Tevas.

$: Birkenstock Arizona Brown

$: Suicoke GGA-V Black

The Simple Sandals

Perfect if youre not looking for anything fancy. These includes simple fashionable double strap slides or flip flops. Perfect summer time sandals.

$: Legelalian Slide Sandal by Aldo

$: Clpp’li Men’s Flip Flops Beach Slippers by Afranker