Huge Men’s Fashion Trends For 2022

Trends can introduce new styles and push you out of your comfort zone and can also make certain items of clothing more easily accessible. Take that into consideration, this list focuses on versatile pieces that follow the trend path and also will last for a long time. These trends are here to stay and you can incorporate some of these into your wardrobe. The biggest takeaway from the season collections being achieved from streetwear to max tailoring.

1. Wide Leg Pants

Oversized tailoring has reached new levels for 2022.  Reviving from the ’60s, this trend is mainly expressed in relaxed blazers, smart wide-leg pants that go down and oversized coats with strong shoulders.  Forget the skinny tight jeans and embrace a relaxed oversized fitting. Keep in mind that there’s a fine line though when wearing size tailoring. Seek for pieces that are purposefully oversized and fits you correctly.

2. Utility Wear/ Functional clothing 

This trend has become more and more popular over the years. For this season, it has been translated into clothing such as cargo pants, utility vests, parkas, varsity jackets and many pocketed overcoats. This new utilitarian aesthetic provides an equally rugged and refined urban feel that combines practicality and style.

3. Cardigans

This retro but versatile piece has been pushed to the back of your closet until now that cardigans are making a huge comeback. Every major designer has interpreted differently the return of the cardigans, from slouchy grungy pieces to fitted knitted looks. 

4.  Shearling

A timeless, essential of men’s wardrobe that’s a big this for the current season. Not only provides you extra warmth for the cold days but also adds elegance and complements your total outfit. Depending on your preferences you can experiment with many variations. For instance, Louis Vuitton showed short shearling jackets, while  Dolce&Gabbana presented long oversized shearling coats.

5. Chunky Boots

Simply put, footwear with chunky, lug soles or a modern take of  Wellington boots have been presented in the fashion runways. If this trend is a bit much for you, go with chunky Chelsea boots or derby boots alternatively.

6. Bomber jacket

Another form of outerwear that is nice and versatile. Especially for the spring when it’s a bit cooler, throw a bomber over a t-shirt or a vest. Combine your bomber aviator-style jacket with dark-washed denim and combat boots for a sophisticated casual look. Or dress it up with a shirt for a smart-casual look.

7. Nautical /Sailor

Stripes are always a big thing to wear in the spring and summer months. However, it’s not just for warmer months, but you can wear it all year round. This style is really easy to integrate into your existing wardrobe. The pieces add a bit of subtle detail to your fits.