How To Pose For Pictures As a Guy

Whether you’re trying to get new photos of yourself for Instagram, LinkedIn or Tinder, having good pictures of yourself is very important in our current culture.

A common problem you might run into is not knowing what to do or how to pose when getting your picture taken.

A lot of men have no clue how to take good pictures of themselves, and an important part of that is learning how to pose. Learning to pose is supremely important when taking good photos.

How To Pose For Pictures

The most important part of learning how to pose is knowing what to do with your hands.

In every visual we show you today, pay close attention to the subject’s hands – you’ll right away notice the hands are always busy and doing something.

In general, posing for pictures as a guy is action oriented. You want to always look like you’re doing some sort of action and the picture is unintentional.

It’s the same reason why male selfies are so weird and awkward compared to a woman taking selfies – men just look better in photos when performing an action.

Some of the most common poses you’ll see men doing that know how to pose are the ‘walk away’ the ‘looking down like you lost your keys’ and ‘looking to the side’ poses.

These are good basic poses to learn right away that can take you far when snapping a good picture.

Example Poses For Guys

Here are a variety of poses for guys you can try and practice.

Sitting Down Poses

Here are a variety of poses you can try when sitting down.

Practicing Poses

The great thing is that influencers have done all of the heavy lifting for you. There’s an unlimited amount of poses you can try out as a guy.

We suggest you find 3 poses – 2 standing and 1 sitting that you like and you practice them in the mirror. Yeah it might feel awkward and you might

want to lock your door and never tell anyone you do this, but when you’re the one snapping amazing pictures in the future, you’ll know why.