How To Dress To Be More Masculine

Have you ever wanted to dress more masculine or at the very least stop dressing like a kid? It’s hard to know where exactly to start and how exactly to achieve a more masculine look. That’s because what it means to be masculine will always be dependent on the context of the man. Dressing masculine is going to differ drastically from 19 years old to 29 years old to 39 years old.

A lot of articles and videos online will try and distill ‘dressing masculine’ to wearing a leather jacket and having a scowl on your face – this isn’t masculinity at all. When you’re 19 dressing masculine can mean dressing like a skater and when you’re 29 dressing masculine can mean wearing a blazer and looking like a grown up with an important job – it all depends on where you are in life.

That is not to say there aren’t some basic overarching rules to dressing masculine, we’ll go over those and also give some example outfits of what dressing masculine means in 2022/2023.

Rules for dressing masculine

Rule #1: There is an old saying – “wear your clothes, don’t let your clothes wear you”.

A lot of guys in their blunder years will associate dressing like a man as cosplaying in suits and old timey hats like fedoras. We all know that guy in high school that would come to school decked out in an outfit from the 1950s.

It looks silly, and that’s because even if you dress in what is the epitome of masculine (the suit) it will only look as good as the man wearing it. So if you’re in college or high school, don’t even think about showing up dressed like a high power attorney.

Rule #2: Dark colors

Darker colors just scream masculinity for whatever reason. Maybe it’s the way we’re conditioned, but they just do. This doesn’t mean turning your entire get up into an black wardrobe, but adding more darker and richer brown colors into your outfits will not hurt at all.

Rule #3: Fit

When we think of masculinity we think of a man that is in charge, that just knows what he’s doing. When we see a man that’s squeezed himself into a pair of jeans that are way too small for him, that’s not the vibe we get. Fit is supremely important when trying to look like an adult.

Masculine Outfit Ideas

Below are a collection of outfits that just scream masculine to me. They feature different styles from casual to formal. Different age appropriate outfits too. This is just a way for you to get some inspiration when upgrading your wardrobe to be more masculine.