College Wardrobe Clothing Essentials For Guys

College life is filled with lots of moves and changes. If you’re living in a dorm or student housing, chances are you don’t have an abundance of storage space.

You can save that valuable space by filling your wardrobe with few items you can wear for any occasion.

You also want to make sure you put your best foot forward for classes, clubs, and other activities.

There’s no need to wear full business professional to class, but upgrade up your wardrobe by investing in a few staple pieces:


Ah, the t-shirt. It wouldn’t be a true college experience without your wardrobe filling up with free t-shirts from campus events, clubs, and intramurals.

But as attached as you might be to your freshman welcome week t-shirt or your sophomore back-to-school bash t-shirt, you need a few simple shirts that you can dress up or down as necessary.

You will never regret having a plain white, navy, or gray t-shirt in your closet.

Navy V-Neck              Classic White              Gray Pocket

Casual Button-Up Shirts

The button-up is one of the most versatile shirts out there. You can wear it casually to class or dress it up for a job interview.

Upgrade your look by perfecting the art of the rolled-sleeve to master that laidback, classy look.

The best part of the button-up its diversity. You can find a button-up in nearly any pattern or print, or go for a more understated look with solid colors.

You can also go with the flannel, a perfect option for the fall semester:

Orange Plaid               Oxford Shirt        Flannel Stand Shirt

Crew Neck Sweaters

Cozy and stylish, sweaters are a great staple to have on hand for cold weather.

Invest in a solid-color sweater to wear with any button-up or t-shirt for an easy layered look.

This cream cashmere sweater is great choice, but if you’re looking for something a little more affordable, you can’t go wrong with a gray crewneck.

If you feel like your wardrobe is looking a little monochromatic, add a pop of color like this green option.

Denim Jacket

Outdoorsy, minimalist, or grunge, a jean jacket is a classic and multi-purposed item to add to your wardrobe.

Perfect for cool weather, the right denim jacket can look great with anything in your closet.

Pair this light denim jacket with a white t-shirt and dark jeans for a vintage look, or this dark washed jacket with a flannel for fall.

Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket is an iconic look for any college student.

Perfect for games, tailgates, and campus events, the bomber is even more practical because it is oftentimes warmer and more waterproof than denim. 

This black bomber jacket from GAP goes with anything and this green bomber from H&M is perfect all year round.

Chino Pants & Chino Shorts

The casual and comfortable chinos have recently become a must-have for college students.

More versatile than jeans, chinos can be dressed up with a blazer and button-up, or worn to class with a t-shirt and sweater.

Get a pair of khaki chinos like these from H&M to wear with darker shirts and jackets, or a dark blue pair to match with your whites and grays.

If you want some lighter colors, Uniqulo sells these shorts in yellow and pink to brighten up your wardrobe.


For your everyday shoe, the best place option to turn to is the sneaker.

You can’t go wrong with a classic pair of Vans or Converse.

If you know that a white shoe is for, you can also get a pair of premium sneakers like the Greats Royale.


Your time in college is the beginning of adulthood. It should be exciting, fun, and full of opportunities, but it also sets the tone for the rest of your adult life.

Soon you will be going to your professors, advisors, and peers for references and professional advice.

Your hard work and talent speaks for itself, but present the best version of yourself by letting your wardrobe speak for you.