Casual Combos Men Wear That Women Love

A man in a great tailored suit will likely catch the ladies’ eyes. But, what about the times when dressing up doesn’t fit the occasion? What can you wear in a relaxed environment and still be stylish?

The number one clothing item that drives the girls crazy is the black leather jacket. It gives you a rugged masculine edge and simply can be styled with anything. You can’t go wrong with this outfit: a total black look with a turtleneck, jeans and leather jacket. Instead of wearing your classic trainers, you can upgrade the outfit with black Chelsea boots.

Another great combo is a knitted sweater, especially of merino wool or cashmere. It’s the perfect layering piece that gives a dressy yet athletic strong appearance. Style it with a plaid shirt underneath and twill chinos for a morning stroll or a romantic date night.

Even when you dress casually, fit is still the number one rule. Prefer a pair of jeans that have a relaxed, straight-leg cut. Style them with a black t-shirt of good quality, that fits perfectly in your arms, your chest and your shoulders. Complete your look with a classic staple every man should have in his wardrobe, a denim jacket.

Women appreciate the healthy and active lifestyle of a man, thus an athletic outfit is an ideal option for you. Combine a pair of cotton joggers with a hoodie or crewneck on top that adds a cozy, warm feeling that women love. If you want to uplift your look, add a wool tailored overcoat. As for accessories, throw a baseball cap to enhance the sporty casual look.