Best Beard Trimmers for Men

As you look for beard trimmers, you have to consider all of your options. Beard trimmers seem like the obvious choice as it is in the name. However, there are many things to consider that lie beneath the surface of this decision.

Beard trimmers are known for being expensive and flimsy both in usage and lifespan. It may be time to consider other options. Keep reading to find out what you should be using to keep your beard looking perfect and well-groomed.

Beard Trimmers vs. Barber Trimmers

Beard trimmers can be difficult to differentiate from barber trimmers. Both of them are similar in size and shape. However, there are distinct differences between the two that make it important to know what properties each has.

Beard trimmers are specifically designed for the beard itself. These trimmers are meant to cut more precisely and with a closer shave to give you the detail you want on your beard. The head of the trimmer is smaller because it is usually meant to cover the smaller surface of your face.

The blades inside are usually also thinner to allow for more detail. Beard trimmers usually do not come with size adjustments, and if they do they are in small increments and only come in one or two sizes.

Barber trimmers are designed to be used on any hair but are typically designed to be used on longer and thicker sections of hair like your head. The head of the trimmer is much larger than that of a beard trimmer because it is made to be used on your head, which is a very large section of hair. The blades are thicker to be able to cut through more hair. Barber trimmers, however, are very versatile and come with a variety of adjustments to length.

The distinction between these two things is very important. Depending on what you are looking for, mistakenly buying one over the other can be quite the issue. However, barber trimmers, with their differences from beard trimmers, are the more versatile choice. They may even be the better choice.

Why Barber Trimmers?

You want to trim your beard and are looking for the best option. Beard trimmers are widely marketed as, of course, the best option to trim your beard. However, beard trimmers are expensive and often ineffective for their task. Instead, you should opt for barber trimmers.

Beard trimmers have a variety of issues that may make you want to reconsider getting one. The first issue is their ineffectiveness.

Beard trimmers are not nearly as powerful as barber trimmers. This means that if your hair is thicker, you will have a lot of trouble with a beard trimmer, oftentimes snagging in your beard.

These trimmers also cannot cut as close to the skin as professional trimmers can. While the head of it may be smaller and seem more precise, the blades are flimsy and ineffective resulting in a less precise shave than what you are likely looking for.

The second issue with beard trimmers is that they are often inaccurate. With the blades being as thin as they are, inaccuracy often comes along with that. Beard trimmers are also often cheaply made despite their price, leading to mistakes.

For example, beard trimmers often mislabel their guards, if they even have adjustable sizing. Overall, beard trimmers are an overpriced and flimsy piece of equipment. Barber trimmers are the way to go instead.

Barbers use barber trimmers over beard trimmers for a reason. Barber trimmers are a diverse piece of equipment. They come in all shapes and sizes. A beard trimmer has the power and capability of getting through any hair without issue.

They are made to be precise and effective at cutting all types of hair, making them helpful for hair beyond just beards. Each one comes with a variety of guards, which makes doing things like fades much easier and lets you do what you want with your own hair.

While barber trimmers are a bit more expensive than beard trimmers, they are worth the investment. They are more powerful, more diverse, and more precise. Having a good beard takes time and care. The best way to do that is with barber trimmers.

So, if you want to use barber trimmers over beard trimmers, you can invest in one of the best general barber trimmers. For that extra touch, you can also choose to invest in a barber outliner.

Best General Trimmers

1. Wahl

Wahl is definitely one of the best barber-grade trimmers on the market. This brand offers a variety of trimmers. Each one of their selections offers different options for both sizing and ability. Any trimmer from this brand will give you what you are looking for, but the best option is the Wahl 5-Star Magic Clip 8148.

This barber trimmer is one of the best on the market. It is known for being amazing at cutting through thick hair with ease and precision. There are both corded and cordless models for you to choose from, each coming with multiple adjustable attachments to fit your every need.

2. Oster

When looking for a barber trimmer, Oster also has some good options. It is another one of the leading brands of barber clippers, making them a trustworthy brand. Their most popular model is the Oster Classic 76 Clipper.

It is designed for heavy-duty use while being compact and efficient. This trimmer also offers a variety of blade sizes for your convenience.

3. Andis

Andis is another fairly reliable brand for barber trimmers, They are usually not as heavy-duty, but they do tend to be a little cheaper and user-friendly. The best Andis barber trimmer is the Andis Slimline Pro Li.

This is a cordless hair trimmer. It is designed to be less heavy-duty than the previous two trimmers, meaning it is better for touch ups and detailing or for those with finer hair. It is a powerful product with many different guards and a close cut.

Best Outliners

1. Andis

While Andis is not the number one for beard trimmers, it is the best option when it comes to beard outliners to help you with those fine details. Andis sweeps the top for the best outliners, but the number one outliner is the Andis Professional Cordless T-Outliner.

As the name suggests, this outliner is cordless, making it convenient and easy to use. It has a long-lasting battery with a high-performance motor inside. It is quick and easy to use while making close and precise cuts to best outline and fade your beard.

2. Teamyo

Teamyo is the next brand you can look to for some of the best outliners. The best on the market from their brand is the Teamyo T Blade Outliner Grooming Trimmer.

This trimmer comes with a special feature you may not often see with trimmers – it has self-sharpening blades. The blades sharpen themselves while being powerful and cutting through any type of hair efficiently. This trimmer is also known for its rounded blades which make the trimmer more user and beginner friendly.

3. BaByliss

BaByliss has a few outliners on the market that users are raving about. BaByliss has several trimmers and outliners that do their job well. The best outliner from this brand is the BaByliss PRO Barberology Outlining Trimmer.

The blades on this outliner are titanium, making them especially good at detailed work. These blades are easy to clean and adjust thanks to their full view. It comes corded or cordless for your convenience with durability coming in either style.