Best Beard Styles For Men In 2022

Wondering how to improve the way that you look? All you got to do is just grow your facial hair and pick the right beard style for your face type! Get ready for 2022, as these beard styles will be super popular according to hairstylists and barbers. 

While there are various beard styles for you to consider, keep in mind that your beard style is not gonna look good with just any hairstyle. Finding the perfect hairstyle-and-beard combination can be tricky. Luckily for you, here you’ll find out one that is suitable for your face.

Check out the list of the best beard styles that will be trending for the year 2022. 

Viking beard

The Viking beard has been stated as the next new trendsetter. Coming in many variations, but generally, it is more trimmed on the sides and very long in the chin region. It does require a medium to thick density growth of 7 to 13 weeks, as well as semi-regular grooming.

For the ones who would prefer low maintenance, opt for this short version of Viking beard. Or if you like to flaunt a pointy one, try shaping up your beard in a way that would be pointing towards the bottom. This is ideal for men with a triangular face and tapering chin.

If you want even bolder and more style for Viking beards, you can add beard accessories, like rings or beads. 

Tapered Beard 

The type of beard features a big volumeconcentrated on the chin, and a squarer finish, that brings a more angular, square and elongated look to the male face. It is tapered down in the sides or faded down to zero.

For these reasons, it is perfect for people with a rounded or oval face shape because it creates a really narrow exterior. Avoid this beard style if you have a sparse or patchy beard because the short nature in the sides will expose the patchy areas.

Short Boxed Beard

Another beard style that it’s going to be huge in 2022 it’s the short boxed beard. If you’re always shaving and you’re not used to having facial hair, then this is the beard style that you want to go for.

This one is going to be shorter than a longer classic beard but still going to be a perfect middle ground if you don’t necessarily want to commit to a long beard.

For a more rugged look, remember to keep your neck and upper cheek hair trimmed and well-groomed.

Stubble Beard

In recent years this type of beard has become a lot more acceptable and it’s no longer seen as unkempt or unprofessional. The hair is kept short using a clipper usually set to somewhere between a 1 or a 1.5 to get that look of perfect stubble. The important thing to remember about having shaped stubble is it’s not just the absence of shaving.

What makes a beard a beard is its outline. So maintaining the outline of your shaped stubble will in fact create the look of a beard. This type of beard is extremely easily achievable and maintained at home. If you have a great jawline this is a style that you want to try.

Van Dyke Beard

This beard and mustache combo has been made famous by Anthony Van Dyke, the famous Flemish painter. It features a diamond shape on the chin with a disconnected mustache, making it ideal for people that have patchy cheeks.

It can be worn shorter or longer and more pronounced and this can be a great way to give your face a little bit of shape in a very short amount of time.

Goatee Beard

Similar to Van Dyke beard, the goatee is the perfect compromise between a mustache and a full beard. Whether you’re a young guy testing the waters with this first beard or an older gentleman looking for a change of pace, a well-groomed goatee can give you a distinctive style without totally dominating your face.

A goatee is a small beard centered completely beneath the mouth. Some focus solely on the chin alone and don’t extend to the rest of the face, while others start on the chin and raise towards the lips bringing a small patch of hair to the labrum.

Ideal for those with a wider face shape because it creates a slightly longer-looking chin and a lean appearance overall.