Simple Guide To The Best Men’s Chinos

As your wardrobe continues to grow and your personal style changes, you’ll find yourself not wearing jeans every day and opting for a pair of chinos.

Chinos are the perfect medium between a pair of casual jeans and formal dress pants.

Chinos work great as casual every-day pants but at the same time they don’t look out of place in a professional setting.

First, let’s begin with the best chino colors – the ones I would consider must haves before you move onto crazier colors and patterns.

Olive, Navy, Stone, Khaki.

These are classic colors that are versatile enough to fit any wardrobe.

Now that we got our colors down, it’s time to get to the actual pants.

We’ve tried to include something for everyone in terms of affordability, style, and fit. This is our list of the best chinos for men.

The Slim Fit Chinos

$: Only & Sons Slim Fit Chino by ASOS
$: Chinos Skinny Fit by H&M

If you prefer your chinos in a slimmer, skinnier fit, you want to go with a brand that caters to a young fashionable crowd. The best slim fit chinos are usually made by brands that are looking to replicate the cutting edge of  designer fashion – as they’ll know the fit best. Brands like H&M and ASOS will provide you the slim fit you’re looking for in a variety of colors.

The  Affordable Chinos

$: Alpha Khaki Stretch Slim Tapered Fit Flat Front Pant by Dockers
$: Vintage Regular Fit Chino Flat Front Pants by Uniqlo

If you’re looking for a pair of chinos that won’t break the bank but give you the best bang for your buck in terms of quality, look no further than Dockers & Uniqlo. The best budget chinos will get you a very high quality product for the amount you’ll be paying without compromising on fit and style.

The Chinos For Summer

$: Summer Weight Chinos by Bonobos
$: Lightweight Stretch Chino Pant by J Crew

When it’s scorching outside the last thing you want on is a pair of heavy work chinos, so opt for a lightweight pair instead! The best chinos for hot weather are made with a lighter material and are much thinner giving you a breathable pair of pants that are perfect for summer.

The Chinos For Big Thighs

$: Washed Chinos in Athletic Fit by Bonobos
$: Modern Fit Gray Chino Pant by Express

Finding a pair of pants as a dude with big thighs can be a real pain. Luckily with chinos it’s a lot easier than jeans. A lot of chino brands offer an athletic fit that offers more room around the thighs, butt and calves. The very best chinos for big thighs also have stretchier material to give you even more room to breath.

Chinos Between $100-$200 (High Quality)

$$: A.P.C. Classic Chino Neutrals
$$: Slim Fit Bedford Chino by Ralph Lauren

In this category we’ll discuss what I would consider the best price point for Chinos that are of the very best quality. These are usually made with top rate materials with a ton of attention to detail and fit. Any higher than this price point and you’re just paying for the brand name – this is what I would consider the sweet spot for getting a luxurious pair of high quality chinos.