The Best Beard Trimmers For The Perfect Beard Shape 2018

Shaving your face every day (or at all) is a major pain. It’s bad for your skin, and frankly, some of us do not look so great with a baby face. But we live in the real world where a Grizzly Adams beard just isn’t going to cut it. The solution? Keep your beard, but be meticulous with your grooming.

There is absolutely nothing unprofessional about a neat beard, or even a mustache / goatee combo. As long as you are careful to avoid the 90s nu metal look, there’s a nearly limitless world of facial hair options out there. But you need the right tools.

Choosing the right beard trimmer is crucial. Not only will a low quality one result in a bad trim, but you also run the risk of irritated skin. Since skin comfort is half the reason we hate shaving, a trimmer that irritates it defeats the entire purpose.

We have put together a list of some of our favorites on the market. Some of these are familiar faces, but some are timeless classics that can’t be beat. Choose wisely, and don’t be afraid to invest. Take care of your face. This is your money maker.

The Best Beard Trimmers in 2018

Phillips Norelco OneBlade

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Let’s start off with a budget option, that also happens to be one of those “timeless classics.” Full disclosure, there’s nothing old school about this. It’s only been on the market for a couple of years, and it was a fairly inventive take on shaving from the start.

The whole concept of the OneBlade is a trimmer / razor hybrid. It has a replaceable head that cuts closer than any electric trimmer, but won’t give you the same irritation as a razor. Plus, you can get nearly razor quality shaves completely dry. This won’t power through a mountain man beard, but it’s perfect for those that still need a clean shave on large portions of their face.

The only turn offs of this trimmer are lower accuracy (it shaves more like a razor), and you do have to replace the blade occasionally. The company says four months, but consumers say it’s closer to 6.

Bottomline: If you have a very intricate beard design, this is not for you. It’s not as accurate as other trimmers. But if you have a goatee, or prefer a full shave, this is a lifesaver.

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Men’s Razor Styler

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Getting even a bit cheaper, let’s fix that accuracy problem. This is a trimmer you will see on men’s sinks across the country for two reasons: It’s only about $20, and you can actually style with it. As the name implies, that’s kind of the point. Get the exact shape and length you need. Plus, it’s great for manscaping elsewhere.

Let’s go over who this trimmer is not for. If you have a healthy dose of face fur, this won’t cut it. This is for styling purposes. It’s not a weed whacker. If you need both, it might be wise to invest in a something a little clunkier (but stay cheap) to tackle the big beard, and trim up with this after.

This does come with an attachment to put a Gillette razor on top, but it’s just a normal razor shave at that point. It’s nothing like using the OneBlade. This is only a plus if you are limited in counter space.

Bottomline: It’s cheap and it’s accurate. You’re getting an absurdly good trimmer for an absurdly good price. What’s not to love?

Wahl Clipper Stainless Steel Lithium Ion Plus

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Wahl is an iconic name in the barber world. They make some of the best head shavers on the market, as well as some fantastic face shaving models. This, however, is neither of those. Like the Gillette model, this baby is for precision.

It comes with a few different attachments, but they all pretty much end up being detailers. You have the “Precision T-blade,” two different detail trimmers, and a ear/nose/brow attachment. So again, there is nothing for that “lumberjack to executive” transformation. It’s all styling.

It’s battery might be the best feature. It offers a 1-minute quick charge, which is perfect if you’re constantly forgetting to charge your trimmer. No more skipping your morning touch-up.

Bottomline: If you want a step up from the Gillette, this model is a huge leap, without a huge price jump.

Philips Norelco Beard & Head trimmer Series 5100

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Finally, we have an option for the heavily bearded folks out there. This trimmer from Philips Norelco gives you the best of both worlds: A powerful shaver to tackle your beard, and a fine detailer for those finishing touches. Now, this will not quite get you the close details for the Wahl or Gillette, it will get you close.

If you look like a castaway after a weekend of not shaving, you need something more than a detailer. This will get you that. But why settle for one or the other? This model is really the only option on our list that can tackle a longer length, and it won’t cost you a fortune to get it.

Bottomline: This is a well-rounded trimmer. For those with blessed beard growing skills, scoop one up today.

Andis 4775 Gtx T-Outliner Trimmer

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If your skin is too sensitive for even an electric trimmer, maybe it’s time to take a cue from the pros. This model from Andis is meant to replicate a professional grade trimmer, meaning it will give you super accuracy with none of the bumps.

The biggest downside is that it has no battery, meaning it must be plugged in. That also means that shaving in the shower is out of the question. But this will give you a trim that other models simply cannot replicate.

Bottomline: This is not a convenient trimmer, but it is a GREAT trimmer. If your skin is super stubborn, treat it like the pros do.