Ways To Wear: Jogger Pants

Joggers are an international fashion statement. From San Diego to Cape Town to Taipei, you will always find scads of men who enjoy this comfortable fashion apparel.

From grubby home clothes to snazzy street clothes, sweatpants are dynamic. Nowadays, there seem to be so few ways you can’t wear them.

But just to be certain you’ve taken the proper page out of the style magazine, here are a few different ways you can don a nice pair of joggers.

Joggers and Sneakers – The Perfect Match

Some might ask why Joggers have seemingly blown up in mens fashion the past few years, and I have a good theory.

With the rise of streetwear in the fashion world, sneakers follow very closely. Not many men’s pants offer the same taper and style that allows the jogger to so naturally show off a fresh pair of kicks.

One of the biggest reasons tapered sweatpants have blown up in popularity is that they allow you to show off your cool sneakers effortlessly.

T-Shirts With Joggers

Sweatpants were born out of ultimate casual comfort.

Naturally, the first tip of how to wear them would be for a laid-back, casual feel.

If you’re headed to the gym or for a late lunch with a friend, joggers are the easiest thing to grab and pull on.

Step into a pair of brightly colored loose-fitting track-pants and pair them with a neutral-colored slim fit t-shirt to balance it out.

If you prefer to stick to neutrals, then grab a pair of black joggers matched with a similar tone t-shirt or switch one of them out for something muted to make a crisp contrast.

Sweatpants may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of something a little nicer than just casual dress.

But the fact is that there are many ways to wear joggers which include dressing a bit smart-casual.

The secret to mastering this look is to pay attention to the tags on your clothes.

If your t-shirt is of higher quality material, such as 100% cotton, and your sweatpants aren’t too baggy or too tight, you might hit this look right on the money.

Try on one of your cotton t-shirts that has a good fit and pair it with a pair of sweatpants that aren’t too floppy at the back or tight in the crotch.

They should be a good, tailored pair that veers away from the gym scene.

This isn’t an exceedingly casual look, but neither is it formal enough that you would be able to get away with walking into work at a law firm.

However, this slightly smart-casual look would be perfect for a first date on a warm summer’s day.

Button Up Shirts With Joggers

Collared shirts with buttons up the front are often seen as a bit dressy.

They’re solid office shirts but not really something in which you’d be comfortable with lounging about the house.

With the beautiful evolution of sweatpants it is now possible (and acceptable) to wear button-down shirts over a pair of sweatpants.

For casual wear, you could wear your shirt unbuttoned, half-buttoned, open in the front, or with the sleeves rolled up three-quarters.

Patterned shirts will create a bolder feel. During the summer, this is a fresh look and can be paired with a bright or neutral-colored pair of joggers.

Pop on a pair of shades and a color-coordinating cap and you’re completely set.

For a bit more smart-casual look, button your shirt all the way up (with the exception of the top button if you so desire).

Go for a navy or dark-colored pair of joggers and pair them with a neutral oxford shirt.

If the sweatpants could be easily mistaken for dress pants due to their tailored cut, you might be able to get away with this look at work.

Pair it with some trim loafers or a nice dress shoe. If you want to stay a bit more on the casual side of things, take out a pair of trainers to add to this look.

Outerwear With Joggers – (Sweaters, Blazers, Jackets)

Aside from the usual suspects in your closet, there will also be the question of what sort of outerwear you should add to your outfit of the day.

The most casual item you could grab would be the sweater.

Keep to brighter colors if you seek to go for a bolder look. Stick with darker tones and neutral colors if you’re going to grab an early drink with some colleagues and want to keep a formal feel.

You could also add a denim jacket to make your look crisp and casual.

Denim jackets are nice because they’re typically cropped which allows for free movement and also assists in showing off the fit of your joggers.

To keep your sweatpants and go for a more formal approach, try adding a blazer to a nice fitted pair of joggers. If you want to rock the fashion world, go ahead and match navies with reds and yellows.

Match together neutral colors if you want to stay safe. Fashion can be fun, but it isn’t a risk everyone is willing to take.

Joggers are infiltrating fashion in ways that were simply not possible before.

Don’t be afraid of breaking any style rules if you want to try something out. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Go ahead and take a page from this guide and combine your sweatpants with a blazer, an oxford shirt, and a good pair of trim loafers.

Experiment with the colors. Try different styles. Mix and match until you find something that speaks to your own personal style and roll it out.