Ways to Wear: Adidas Original Superstars

The Adidas Original Superstars are a classic staple in any shoe collection. Superstars go great with many different outfits because they are simple and basic in color, which is easy to style. These kicks are especially stylish when paired with dark joggers, yet can go well with almost anything. Here are some outfits that we’ve picked out that definitely go with these classic kicks.

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The basic Original Superstars come in black and white, which make it easy to pair with a variety of outfits because of the basic colors. It’s better to wear them with joggers or skinny jeans because the ┬ádesign of the shoe, you really want to show them off.

adidas superstars men 7adidas-superstar-2

The white superstars are especially stylish when paired with either dark joggers or black jeans, that are skinnier at the ankles. The black pants with the white kicks gives a contrast that places the attention on the shoes.

adidas superstars men 6adidas superstars men 5adidas superstars men


The Black Superstars also go well with dark joggers or jeans, but instead of wearing an all black outfit, add a hoodie, or a large grey or white cardigan for a more stylish look.

adidas superstars men 10 adidas superstars men 8

These are just some ideas on how to wear these shoes. Both the black and white superstars are great for a basic outfit because they go with almost anything, and should be a staple in anyone’s closet.