10 Ways to Wear Adidas NMD Sneaker

The Adidas NMD is quickly becoming one of the most hype shoes on the market right now for good reason. They look great, there are various nice colourways, and they have a clean, runner silhouette which has been incredibly popular for quite a while now. All of these things make them incredibly easy to wear.64b05a6bbf1e93d01bb0c2bb116a1f3a

The NMD serves as Adidas’ mid-range runner. It isn’t quite as cheap as the ever popular ZX Flux, but the price also isn’t as steep as the Ultraboost. This makes it accessible but still allows it to keep some degree of exclusivity, hence its massive popularity in the fashion world.

Tip: The Right Socks Make A Huge Difference In How To Wear NMD’s.


Another key selling point of the NMD is its parallels to the Ultraboost. Its similar shape and use of the boost technology made it an immediate favourite among sneaker heads and streetwear enthusiasts alike. Its comfortability combined with its stylish looks are a winning combination, hence why almost every colourway is sold out.

As I mentioned, NMD’s are pretty easy to wear, but if you’re in need of some inspiration then I’ve put together a few pictures of what I consider to be some of the best examples of NMD’s in street influenced outfits. 9b43d35974a3769a57a8686183c898a7 46cf8d40c21f358256f39098b0066811 7885b7e2102cebf4e42581a27cb065b1 10732b14283fa4a1fe7b2e64dcad1f4d b5baacb4252760cc73f589ac9160f3dc c7e6b7c93fffb094eb38f274dd7376ab cb9c611ed2c43a3b75a4a784c331b7f7 d6b980e22a70e81c05ff46a4c898e64b e6b4f32b06915942dda9bd2a648ced4d e07c9cc31ed8a7ac2e1830db539b5eb0