22 Ways to Wear Adidas Ultra Boost Sneaker

Adidas Ultra Boost

The Adidas Ultra Boost is without a doubt one of the most versatile sneakers on the market right now. From a comfort standpoint, not many sneakers can compare; the ultra boost is amazingly comfy for casual wear and athletics. From an aesthetic standpoint, it has a beautiful silhouette, a shape that can be worn with practically any outfit.

The ultra boost comes in many different colorways. Some of the colors and collaboration such as the SNS x Ultra Boost are extremely hard to get as they are limited edition.

Adidas X SNS Colorway

The all white ultra boost is what I would consider a staple sneaker. Pair it with some distressed jeans for a clean stylish look. Don’t be afraid to switch it up. My favorite combination is a pair of grey jeans and some white ultra boosts.

Another great way to pair ultra boosts is with some cool chinos. Chinos work great with the ultra boost because you can take advantage of the many different colors not offered by jeans.


Although many people have their eyes set only on the white ultra boosts, Adidas offers so many different styles that you should definitely experiment with some different colorways. The grey colored ultra boosts are very versatile and look absolutely amazing with the right outfit.


Below are some more outfits that go along great with the boosts. A general rule is you want some tapered or pin rolled jeans to show off the sneaker, joggers also work amazingly well. Other than that, you can practically wear the white ultra boosts with anything, and the other colors such as cream, grey, black can be just as versatile as shown below.

Tip: Accessories like a cool pair of socks will go a long way to giving you a desired look.

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