18 Different Types of Coats For Men

As a fur-less species, the battle to stay warm is one that has followed human beings throughout the ages. Luckily, long gone are the days when we had to erect a fire each night, or wear animal pelts over our shoulders to survive! Outerwear has evolved overtime, and now the options are seemingly endless. Today, we will guide you through the various types of men’s outerwear, so that you don’t feel lost in the storm, so to speak.

For Rough Weather

Looking for function over fashion? These coats are reliable, rugged, and ready to aid you in your next adventure.


parka for men

If there was a test for coats, the parka would pass with flying colors! This is for those looking for some heavy-duty protection in the coldest climates. Originally an invention of Inuit tribes, these thick, warm coats come with a fur-lined hood and deep pockets for storing your valuables. These coats usually hit at knee-length, or slightly above, so be prepared to feel cozy.


puffer jacket

This baddie lives up to its name! Designed to be lightweight while still keeping you warm, the puffer jacket is insulated with down, or synthetic imitations, that keep out the cold. The puffer is a great staple closet item, as it offers both protection from the elements, and is not too difficult to style up or down according to your preferences.


nike windbreaker

Ah, the windbreaker. A personal favorite of mine, this jacket is perfect for the Spring or Fall when there is just a mild chill in the air. Lightweight and often waterproof, this is a great all-around item for when you just need a little extra something to keep warm. Windbreakers are also great for physical fitness, as they tend to whisk moisture, and they don’t add any weight.



Another aptly named item, raincoats offer the perfect protection against those drizzly days. Beyond being, obviously, waterproof, they tend to be warmer than the average windbreaker, and almost always include a hood. Raincoats vary greatly in both length and style (some being more sporty, others more fashion-forward), so it is easy to find one that suits your needs once you know what you’re looking for.

The Classics

Some things just never go out of style. Many of these coats have been around for a century or a few, so you know they aren’t just a trend!


classic peacoat

It doesn’t get any more tried and true than this! Sometimes thought of as the “grandfather” of coats, this often woolen piece was originally worn by naval officers sailing from Europe across the Atlantic. Designed for warmth, moisture-resistance, and to have a smart, clean-cut appearance, these coats make a reliable wardrobe staple that can be worn year-round in various climates.

Trench Coat

trench coat

Everyone knows the famous trench coat Humphrey Bogart wore in Casablanca all those years ago. Or, perhaps, if you are from a younger generation like me, you think of Sherlock from the BBC drama of the same name. Either way, the trench coat has a romantic history, and is an instantly recognizable silhouette. Double-breasted, usually knee to ankle-length, with a wide collar and belted at the waist, the trench coat can make anyone look sharp and put-together, even if they aren’t Benedict Cumberbatch,



Everyone loves a cowboy. Originally worn by ranchers to keep the dust off their clothes while riding on the trail, these coats now have an eye-catching, unique look that nonetheless could be easily paired with a number of outfits. A great conversation starter, as well as a true classic, not a bad choice at all for someone interested in a good coat and a bit of history.



It doesn’t get more clean and simple than this. The overcoat has been around a long time, and for good reason. These coats go with absolutely anything, either single or double-breasted, knee length, and often with padded shoulders. To put it simply, they look good on almost anybody, and can be dressed up or down depending on how casual you want to be. Having one of these in your closet means you’ll be reaching for it, a lot.

Short Kings

These jackets hit right at the waist, which is great for when you want your Jeans to do the work for you. Stylish, versatile and timeless, these are closet must-haves!

Denim Jacket

denim jacket

Thank God the days of no denim on denim are behind us. Pairing one of these with a good pair of Jeans creates an 80’s inspired look that will make you instantly stand out! Denim jackets are a closet go-to, due to their ability to pair with almost any outfit. Comfortable and sturdy, a good one can last you decades, and a little wear and tear only makes them sexier over time.

Leather Jacket

leather jacket

Worn by motorcyclists and singing gangs in productions of Grease alike, leather jackets have a cemented bad-boy reputation that, let’s be honest, has a very strong sex appeal. These jackets can be both modern and vintage, adding an edge to whatever outfit you decide to pair them with. If you decide to purchase one made of 100% real leather, they are extremely sturdy and protective. There’s a reason biker gangs wear them!

Bomber Jacket

bomber jacket

This is one that is even better to buy second-hand! A vintage bomber jacket with just the right amount of fading/creasing in the leather folds will be the perfect statement piece to add to your collection. Inspired by the jackets worn by pilots in the 20th century, modern bomber jackets are loose-fitting, comfortable, and sleek. You can’t go wrong with adding one to your closet.

Fashion Forward

These coats are for the gent looking to add a bit more elegance to his wardrobe. These elevated styles will make any closet look and feel a bit more expensive, without necessarily breaking the bank.

Chesterfield Coat

chesterfield coat

Similar to the overcoat, but with a bit more personality, these coats are tailored slightly closer to the hip, making your shoulders look broad and improving the appearance of your posture. These coats come in a wide variety of materials, and the slight flare at the bottom gives a mild retro feel without seeming dated. A perfect way to bring your style to the next level without going too crazy!

Sport Coat

sport coat

Similar in appearance to a suit jacket, sport coats are a great way to look professional and put-together without having to think too much. A good sport coat is a great way to impress your date, even if just thrown on over a t-shirt, adding instant polish.

Shearling Jacket

shearling jacket

This one is a real stunner! Lined with either real or synthetic fur, the shearling jacket is often equipped with deep pockets and has a high collar to make one look taller. These jackets stand out from the crowd, offering a more unique look than your average bomber jacket, and a bit more warmth as well.


Have you been yawning so far? Are you looking to blow everyone away with something truly unique? This last section offers some options for those creatives who want to make a big statement.



Though they can be a bit hard to find, capes have not gone extinct! At one time, these gorgeous items were the go-to for men’s fashion. They create a stunning silhouette, and are surprisingly warm. If you’re looking to start a conversation, this is a great place to begin.

Fur Coat

fur coat

Though, we often associate fur-coats with women’s fashion (perhaps, opera attendees in the 40’s and 50’s), they have been a staple in men’s wardrobes on and off again throughout the year, and are a bold choice for someone with a bold style. A synthetic or authentic fur coat is a fun, unique attention-grabber that is perfect for a night on the town or your trip to the ski resort.



Androgynous fashion is becoming more and more popular, especially among younger generations. A poncho almost makes your silhouette disappear, giving you an ethereal and eye-catching look that, paired with the right trousers, could be magazine cover worthy. Besides, who doesn’t want to walk around wearing a blanket?

So, there you have it! We hope this guide has given you some inspiration for your next trip to the mall, or online-shopping venture. Truth is, there’s a good coat out there for everyone! What matters most is what makes you feel confident. Best of luck in your search!