Thursday Captain Boot Review – Worth it?

Well styled boots are a staple fashion requirement for the well dressed man.

The Thursday Captain Boot is designed for that, as its warm leathery exterior is backed by its durable interior lining.

This boot have flat waxed cotton laces, bovine leather, Poron insole, and reinforced eyelets. Thursday is interesting because they are a fine mix between the men’s fashion world and the goodyearwelt community.

They aren’t as edgy as something like a pair of Doc martens, but they provide a sleek and trendy look nonetheless.


  • Scratch resistant
  • Thursday Chrome Leather
  • Good color consistency
  • Standard and Wide Width Available
  • Comfortable Fit

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Fit & Sizing

The Thursday Captain Boot is available in two widths. But traditional boots have an unusual approach. “D” is the normal size for boots, and the widths can go from C, D, E, EE, EEE.

Fortunately, Thursday threw all of the complications out of the window. Standard sizes are for D/E widths and Wide sizes for the EE and EEE widths. Some say that the “D”is wider in a few areas to make the boot more comfortable.

Customers who have worn the EE width have success with ordering boots ½ larger in size to accomodate for the standard sizing. For customers who buy the C widths were able to fit ½ smaller for the standard widths.

While the leather and outsoles don’t take time to break in properly. But the Dura EVA strip and insole will take a few wears for it to conform to your feet.

Leather Quality

The Thursday Captain Boot has a great build construction. The boot has a smooth leather lining which provides more comfort and less overheating.  Most boots I’ve worn in the past would cause my feet to get hotter causing it break down faster.

So what exactly is the Thursday Captain Boot’s leather? For starters, its a custom hide leather that’s looks like the Horween Chromexel. Thursday states that 100% of the leather comes from Tier 1 US Cattle.

The leather looks like a top grain leather and has a consistent look. After a few weeks of wear, the shoes start to develop character, while still looking handsome enough to be used for dressed up wear.

When worn frequently, the boot’s dents look loved and not abused. One of the biggest gripes with competing boots is that they start to develop ugly scrapes over time. The Thursday Captain Boot is more durable in that regard, giving your boots more replay value.

Leather Care

Caring for this boot is straightforward, making it easier to maintain its classic appearance. Start by rubbing the boots with a clean, dry rag. Then, you need to place leather balm on the rag, and rub it against the boot’s creases.

Once you’ve placed the balm in all of the creases, start to wipe the boot down. Wipe it until there is a thin piece of balm left on the boot. Use a horsehair brush to buff it off. How often you clean the boots will depend on how frequently you wear them. On average, you should care for the boots at least 2-3 times a year.

Boot Sole

The boot’s outsole has a 360-degree Goodyear welt, which is viewed as the best ways to welt boots. It’s water resistant, durable, and its easier for boots to resole for long term usage. Its a subtle welt, and unlike large boots, the welt doesn’t extend from the vamp. This means that the Thursday Captain Boot looks great with its 360 degree welt without appearing too “functional”.

On the midsole, you’ll notice the anti-fatigue steel shank. This provides better arch support, soft leather inside lining, and its Dura EVA comfort strip. The EVA comfort strip has more bounce than its previous models, giving you more comfort when walking.


These boots have little break in time, very flexible, and feel comfortable and soft from the get go. They have more of a sneaker feel than boots. However, like sneakers, they can become uncomfortable if they are worn for more than an hour.

Flexible and soft is not the same as moldng and form fitting. The lack of a cork means that the boots won’t conform to your foot shape as more expensive brands. While these boots have good outer durability, you’ll experience discomfort if they are not properly cared for.


To conclude, the Thursday Captain Boot is great for someone wanting a more ‘dapper’  appearance. Not only does it have high durability, but its colors can be matched with a shirt and a pair of jeans to make a good outfit for a weekend event.