The Coolest Korean Hairstyles For Men

When it comes to the fashion and beauty industry, it is widely known that Koreans have become the real trendsetters. Korean hairstyles have become very popular, while more and more people turning to try them out over the years.

From simple, laid-back haircuts to the wild looks of many K-Pop superstars, these hairstyles are ideal for any face shape. Since Korean men have pretty thick hair, they experiment with different lengths, layers, and cuts.

If you want to give yourself a cutting-edge hairstyle, keep scrolling to find out the most flattering look for yourself.

Slicked Back Hairstyle

If you want a hairstyle that will accentuate your jawline, then this one is for you. A slicked-back style is so classic and super easy to pull off! It makes your face look very sharp and defined and it perfectly goes with the clean shave look.

It’s important that your hair should be long enough or has been maintained at a medium length for perfect slicked-back hair. As for the sides and back, you can ask for an undercut or fade. 

 Extra tip: Use a vent brush to dry the hair and to create volume. Then, apply wax to give a shiny finish to the look.

Long Layered Hairstyle

Nowadays more and more people have been found to embrace a carefree look with a casual and messy hairstyle.

Try to maintain the hair at quite a long length and then ask for a slight layering so that it looks voluminous enough when styling in a messy style.

Layered hairstyles are super trendy right now, giving the illusion of wavy hair.  If you have a thick hair texture, then this hairstyle suits you the best.

Wavy / Messy

This hairstyle is often seen with a little bit of volume on top. Opt for a blow-dry to look a little bit more tousled and messy.

If you have curly hair, all you need is to get that high undercut on the sides and a fade on the bottom sides. For guys that really don’t have super thick voluminous hair, this one is a safe choice. 

Side Swept Hair 

It’s a bold and super sexy hairstyle. This one really accentuates the bone structure and angles of your face. If you’re someone with an awesome jawline this is the haircut for you.

To achieve this, it is required that your hair has a significant length, on the upper portion.

Curtain hairstyle

The most trendy hairstyle that it’s very popular in South Korean culture is the curtain hairstyle. Coming back from the ’90s due to the heavy influence of K-pop groups.

To get this look, ask for an undercut on the sides and layers at the back. When you comb your hair just create a middle part and the sides will draw into soft curls around the face.

Prefer a hair wax for this hairstyle rather than clay or pomade to get that less weight natural look.