Techwear Shoes – Guide For Newcomers

What are Techwear Shoes?

Techwear shoes are a type of footwear that is designed to be worn with the techwear aesthetic. They are made with innovative materials and cutting-edge technology to provide a high level of performance. Oh, and they also look slick as hell.

There are different types of techwear shoes on the market, for example, dark slip-on sneakers can be considered techwear but so can military-style black boots. The exact definition of what is a techwear shoe is a little abstract – but our definition is simple, they’re shoes that go perfect with a techwear outfit.

Function Vs. Aesthetics

Footwear is the most difficult type of Techwear to buy. It’s often hard to choose from the huge list of different brands and styles that exist. Nike in particular is really great when it comes to techwear because they have a wide range of shoes, and are always coming out with new models.

Buying shoes for harsh weather isn’t exactly a walk in the park. They’re often expensive and hard to find quality products to fit your needs with the aesthetic you’re looking.

Most techwear enthusiasts tend to opt for comfort and aesthetics over function, with many choosing not to use features that will hinder their style.

What Are Good Techwear Shoes?

We’ve built a list specifically with what we feel are the best techwear shoes. There is a lot of variety in this list, everything from sneakers to hiking boots – because they match the aesthetic of techwear.

Utility All Terrain Chuck Taylor All Star

Ready to take on the world? Get a step ahead in style and comfort with the Utility All Terrain Chuck Taylor All Star. Stylish, durable, and versatile, it is the perfect shoe for a day full of outdoor life.

This shoe will protect you from the elements and keep you comfortable with its snug fit. The light and breathable upper is constructed of waterproof GORE-TEX and the OutDry membrane, while an EVA insole provides cushioning. The rugged rubber outsole is designed for stability on any terrain.

Nike Air Presto

The Nike Air Presto, designed for street-style running, is made from a stretchy fabric with a sock-like fit. With just the right amount of air cushioning, it's built for comfort and softness. These will keep you feeling good and looking fast.

Asics Gel-Nimbus 23

The GEL-NIMBUS 23 running shoe sets the industry standard in cushioning and stability, perfect for long-distance runs. It's designed to provide excellent cushioning, breathability, and traction for runners who need an extra push to get through their toughest workouts.

y-3 sneakers

Y-3 is a progressive, forward-thinking footwear brand that has been on the vanguard of men's luxury fashion for over 20 years. With a commitment to creating shoes that reflect the advancement of technology and innovation as well as the heritage of design, y-3 offers a distinctive line of sneakers and lace up styles for every occasion.

Nike SFB Field Boot

The Nike SFB Field 2 features an aggressive tread that provides exceptional traction in all theaters. The lightweight boot is designed to support heavier loads and is perfect for any playing field.

Nike Techwear Shoes

Nike is my favorite brand when looking for techwear shoes because a lot of their mainline shoes work perfect with the aesthetic. The Nike Prestos are perhaps the best with the legendary collaboration with Acronym selling out in minutes.

Other Nike lines that work really well as tech shoes are the Nike huarache and of course the Air Force 1’s.

They might not be as fancy as the shoes you see in instagram photos – but they work a lot better in real life both in terms of function and fashion. When buying techwear shoes you don’t want to look like you’re cosplaying, you want the style to look natural, and going with a pair of Nike’s is perfect for that.


Salomon footwear is a popular brand. They have been around for over 40 years and have been making quality shoes for decades. Their company slogan is “inspired to innovate” which means they are always coming up with new ideas and designs.

Although their shoes focus purely on the tech and utility of footwear for running and hiking, the aesthetics of their shoes are still amazing. Their hiking book collection works super well with a grungier more rough techwear look, whilst their sneakers have a sleek and futuristic design.