The Most Stylish Backpacks For Guys

Many guys don’t consider that a backpack plays just as much part in contributing to the vibe of your outfit as any piece of clothing that you wear.

Some of the backpacks you’ll see guys using look great in a business casual setting but look way out of place on a college student that just rolled out of bed and put on their sneakers and jeans.

To pick a stylish backpack, the main thing you should be considering is where and how you’ll be using the backpack.

A backpack used by someone for their daily commute to work downtown should look different from a backpack used by someone that’s going hiking or camping.

Now our job here is to point you towards the right direction in terms of the most stylish backpacks out there – your job is to pick the right one for what you’ll be using it for. Good luck!

The Casual Backpack

JanSport Skip Yowell Pleasanton Backpack

These backpacks are perfect as an every-day carry. From work to the gym and everything in between, they’ll meet your needs. Plus, who wouldn’t want to use the same backpack as Ryan Gosling?

The Minimalist Backpack

Timbuk2 Spire Backpack

This is the perfect low key urban ninja backpack. Muted colors and just enough space for a couple of books and a laptop. A great minimalist bag that cuts out all the non-essentials.

The Rugged Backpack

Adventure Waxed Canvas Backpack – Savage Supply Co.

Alternative: Canvas Backpack

Does an average day in your life include hiking, waterfalls, and hunting for your own food? Than you’ll love a rugged canvas backpack.

The Smart Leather Backpack

Fossil Estate Casual Leather Backpack

Alternative: Leather Backpack

Looking for something business casual? Sleek and chic? Are you an office worker, or programmer and want something that keeps it professional but also looks stylish? This is the bag you’re looking for.