Guide To Wearing The Right Colors For Your Skin Tone

One of the least talked about aspects of men’s fashion is color. Specifically, what colors work for certain people, and what colors don’t.

Many guys don’t realize wearing the wrong color can drastically take away from their outfit.

Below I’ve made a basic guide to picking out colors with our skin tone in mind.

It’s not hard set what colors you can and can’t wear, but these are pretty good basic guidelines to follow until you find out what works for you personally.

Dark Skin Tones

Typically men with darker skin tones tend to have darker hair and eyes, which means we already have some pretty good clues about what colors we can bring out.

The colors you want to move towards are bright light colors like baby blue and pink and neutral colors like white, gray and khaki. These colors work amazingly well with darker skin tones.

Tip: Avoid tropical colors and darker shades

Colors To Wear


Medium Skin Tones

Men with medium colored skin tones can have a wide variety of hair and eye colors and honestly, most colors work with this type of skin tone. A good rule to go by is to match the color of your shirt with your eye color. With that said, some colors that really look great with medium skin tones are: Black & Beige, Royal Blue & Navy, and you can never go wrong with a bit of Burgundy.

Colors To Wear


Pale Skin Tones

Men with these skin tones very often have lighter features, so the best course of action to take in terms of color is more subdued colors like browns, off-whites and beige. Blues also look very good with this skin tone, light and bold blue in particular.

Tip: Stay away from too bright of colors for the most part

Colors To Wear


Remember not everything works for everyone, but with these very general guidelines, you’ll have a good understanding on where to start in terms of choosing colors for your outfits.