Red Wing Iron Ranger Review – Read This Before Buying

Known for its sleek leather and precision stitching, and fashioned by celebrities like Bradley Cooper and James Franco, Red Wing’s Iron Ranger boot have been a staple in men’s fashion since their rise to popularity years ago.

The boots, made of handcrafted leather, are as aesthetic as they are comfortable and a great choice for a rugged, masculine look.

Red Wings Iron Ranger Quality

Created originally for Minnesotan iron miners in the 1930s, Iron Ranger and the Red Wing brand have since become synonymous with American manufacturing and craftsmanship.

Today, the boots are still entirely American-made, beginning with a local tannery in Red Wing, Minnesota, the leather is taken next the to Red Wing workshop where it is cut, fitted, and soled.

Each pair of boots is checked diligently by a Red Wing craftsmen before they are dusted, polished, and boxed.

With thick, oil-tanned leather and triple-stitched wax threads, Iron Rangers are extremely durable.

Best Price For Red Wing Iron Rangers:


The distinctive toe cap, designed for mobility and comfort, is part of the boot’s signature look and the pristine leather is perhaps one of the most appealing parts of the shoe.

The metal of the eyelets and speed hooks contrasts well with the leather, which makes the boots look sharp.

These boots become more fitted over time with leather insoles and cork midsole designed to morph to your foot.

Iron Rangers are not cheap. A new pair will run you a couple hundred dollars. These boots should be treated as an investment rather than an impulse buy.

Red Wing offers a repair services on their boots, ranging from major fixes like resoling and heel replacement to more minor maintenance like boot dyeing or gusset replacement.

Red Wing Iron Ranger Sizing

The boots themselves come in six colors and can be ordered in a medium or extra-wide width.

Red Wing Iron Ranger Colors:

  • Hawthorne (Style 8083)
  • Black (Style 8084)
  • Copper Rough (Style 8085)
  • Charcoal (Style 8086)
  • Amber (Style 8111)
  • Oxblood (Style 8119)

They run a bit large, so it’s recommended to order half to a full size smaller than your regular shoe.

Because they are leather they require a breaking-in period. Refer to Red Wing’s care guide on the best way to break in and care for your boots.

Well cared for leather can become more distinct looking as it ages, so be sure to treat your boots well.

With the right care, these shoes should last you a lifetime.

Are They Worth It?

If it’s in your budget, Iron Rangers are a fashionable and functional pair of boots equally comfortable hiking as they are around the office.

With the very round toe and the thick sole, Iron Rangers can be a little challenging to dress up.

Pair them with a pair of cuffed jeans for a classic, laid-back look.