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Ways to Wear: Adidas Original Superstars

The Adidas Original Superstars are a classic staple in any shoe collection. Superstars go great with many different outfits because they are simple and basic in color, which is easy to style. These kicks are especially stylish when paired with dark joggers, yet can go well with almost anything. Here are some outfits that we’ve …

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Ways to Wear: Timberland Boots

Timberlands are a staple boot in every man’s closet.¬†Timberlands come in a variety of different colorways, of course the classic cheese color is by far the most popular but other colors can make great assets to any outfit. Check out some of these outfits and learn how to wear timberland boots. Hoodie: Who Is Jacov …

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22 Ways to Wear Adidas Ultra Boost Sneaker

The Adidas Ultra Boost is without a doubt one of the most versatile sneakers on the market right now. From a comfort standpoint, not many sneakers can compare; the ultra boost is amazingly comfy for casual wear and athletics. From an aesthetic standpoint, it has a beautiful silhouette, a shape that can be worn with …

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