Men’s Spring Fashion Trends in 2019

It’s finally time to strip off the layers from winter and bust out the bright colors and light fabrics.

Spring is one of the best seasons for men’s fashion; it’s not too hot, so you still layer with a light jacket or sweater but it’s not so cold that you’re bundled up to the point you have to choose between function (not freezing) and fashion.

Bonobos’s new spring 2019 collection covers all the bases you’ll need to look amazing this season.

Here are 3 amazing looks that cover the essence of spring fashion; light colors, light fabrics, and layers.

Fit is Key:

One of the reasons Bonobos is such a great brand is how much power they give you over finding the perfect fit. Every one of their pieces comes in a variety of fits ranging from slim, regular to even tailored fit, so you will always be able to find something perfect for your body type.

Spring Outfit #1:

It’s not quite summer so a light spring jacket like a bomber is absolutely perfect for the occasion. Pair it with a pair of black jeans and a white tee for a fresh crispy look.

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Spring Outfit #2:

Just because winter is over doesn’t mean you can’t layer! Layer a sleek grey sweater with a light weight overcoat for a smart look. The cropped pants adds the finishing statement for modern chic.

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Spring Outfit #3:

Spring is all about walking that fine line between comfort and function. A pair of classic blue jeans won’t look out of place with a comfy brushed sweater.

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