5 Must Have Clothing Items To Kick Off Spring 2018

Spring has finally arrived! Time to strip off all those heavy winter layers and bring out the white sneakers, shorts and floral shirts! Spring time is a great time to experiment with all different kinds of outfits, here’s 5 clothing pieces you’re sure to love.

1. Floral Print Shirt

A must have for the spring season is a colored floral print shirt! All the different colors work great for spring time.

$: Floral Short Sleeve Button Up

$: Men’s Casual Floral Shirt

2. A Fresh Pair of White Sneakers

Nothing works better in spring than a fresh pair of sneakers! Any light colored sneaker works (blush / light grey / off white) but of course the classic all white works best.

$$$: Common Projects Classic White Sneaker

Alternatively a pair of off-white low top converse also works amazingly in the spring!

$: Chuck Taylor Low Sneaker

3. A Pair of Navy Shorts

Get yourself a pair of navy colored shorts this Spring. They go with practically anything and look great! Don’t go for a super colorful pair of shorts, they tend to make guys look clownish. Stick to darker neutral colors!

$: Asos Navy Shorts

$: Navy Khaki Shorts 

4. Crisp Clean T-Shirts

It’s time to rock out plain old tee’s again! But it doesn’t have to be boring. Of course, a classic white and black tee works perfect here, but a striped tee also works amazingly!

$: Uniqlo Men’s Striped Crewneck T-Shirt

5. Go Grey!

Some days you just want to chill and it’s a bit windy and chilly so you put on a cozy hoodie and your favorite sweatpants on. A grey comfy hoodie and a sleek pair of grey sweatpants are a must have for those kind of days!

$: Champion Reverse Weave Hoodie

$: Uniqlo Men’s Grey Sweatpants

…and that’s it! That’s our top 5 must have’s for this spring! Hope you enjoyed it guys. If you need discounts for any of the brands showcased here check out our coupons.