Simple Guide To Jewelry For Men

A watch and a wedding band is the most amount of jewelry most men wear these days.

Although jewelry on men has a long history, dating from the middle ages to more recent rock stars like Mick Jagger.

A lot of men’s jewelry on the market are loud statement prices. However, simple and casual men’s jewelry is available.

A little bit of simple jewelry can really step up an outfit. 

How To Look For Jewelry

Looking for jewelry is like looking for any other piece in your wardrobe.

You can start an introduction into jewelry by simply looking around.

Look at what interests you and what you would be willing to wear.

Decide whether you prefer silver or gold, more simple bands or something a little more daring. 

Bracelets For Men

A thicker bracelet has been popular recently, but many men are now opting for a thin band.

Something like a simple silver band can be easily pulled off by itself or with a little bit of layering.

You can also match a band with your everyday watch. 

There are also plenty of bracelets that go beyond just metal.

You can find bracelets that are made of leather, rope and other materials.

Try experimenting by mixing different textures to step up a look 

Rings For Men

There are plenty of different types of rings that are available on the market.

Chunky rings are a unique style, but don’t often work for the everyday. They can become difficult or distracting and can make typing uncomfortable.

If you are interested in bands, we recommend the lightweight bands that make you forget that you are even wearing jewelry.

As a general rule, most of these types of bands will be 4 millimeters or less. 

Another popular ring right now is known as the signet ring. There are a lot of brands right now making unique signet rings.

You should stick to one statement ring with maybe one other band, but simplicity is key.

It is very easy to get carried away with accessories, but less is more when it comes to jewelry. 

Necklaces For Men

We recommend sticking to a necklace that has a small modern chain, usually with a mid-chest length.

You can stick to just small chains, or necklaces with pendants. Big diamond cut chains are harder to pull off.

Instead, start simple and choose prices that have an everyday feel to them.

Necklaces can also be layered together to give a unique and individualized look.

The easiest way to layer a necklace is a long 24-inch chain either with or without a pendant paired with a shorter 22 inch chain.

This gives a simple layered look without overdoing it.

Although there is a lot of space to experiment with your comfort levels.

Where To Buy Men’s Jewelry Online

There are quite a few places you can get jewelry for men online. It all really depends on your budget and the style of jewelry you’re looking for.

H&M: Surprisingly H&M has a decent collection of men’s jewlery. You’re obviously not going to get the best quality, but if you’re just starting out and want some simple pieces to try out without spending a fortune, H&M is great.

Etsy: You can find some amazing stuff on Etsy that you can’t get anywhere else. 

You just really have to use your best judgement here and make sure to read the reviews of the store you’re looking to buy from.

SSENSE: A large selection of designer jewelry. If you’re looking for pieces that are in trend right now and are fairly great quality, this is a good place to buy from.

Personal Style

Just like with fashion the most important factor in wearing jewelry is to keep it within your personal style.

If you are new to wearing jewelry, look for inspiration.

Ask yourself what kind of jewelry you are drawn to, and just go from there!