How To Wear A Flannel Shirt For Men

One of the most versatile pieces in men’s fashion, a flannel shirt can be styled in countless ways. From super casual to a little bit more upscale and dressy, flannel shirts are just something you should have in your wardrobe.

Flannel is not always in plaid form, but you can find it in solid colors. When it comes to finding the right colors, opt for black, red, yellow, blue or grey shades. Avoid combining too many colors because it’s just an eyesore and way too difficult to style.

As for the fabric, choose a thick wool material for fall/winter and lightweight cotton for spring/summer. The flannel makes it a great statement piece for any outfit.

It’s kind of like a more creative approach to just wearing a basic t-shirt or a long sleeve. Keep reading to discover the best ways to incorporate flannels into your daily looks!

Flannel and Hoodie

Try layering your flannel over a hoodie. You can easily throw a flannel over a neutral-colored hoodie.

Keep the rest simple, and add a pair of raw denim jeans. Wearing a flannel shirt over a hoodie or a crewneck sweater is a really easy way to stay warm and add some nice layers and dimension to your outfit.

This is a great outfit if you’re going to be spending time outside when the weather is a bit cooler.


Red Flannel Outfits

Wearing a red flannel with some jeans and boots can work really well for casual occasions. You can layer it up in the early fall simply by throwing on a puffer vest on top or a leather jacket.

Embrace that really nice outdoor vibe that comes really classic with a flannel-type look. Before it starts to get too cold, you can throw it on over a graphic tee or just a plain solid t-shirt with some jeans and sneakers and it works great for those of you going back to school or if you need an easy go-to everyday outfit that’s going to be warm and functional.

If you want, you can button the shirt up a little bit, or if it’s a little colder in the morning and you need to stay warm, you can throw it on, and then as it starts to warm up throughout the day, just tie it around your waist. 

Flannel Dress Shirts

Make an outfit stand out more depending on which aesthetic you are going for. Wear a flannel with a dressy outfit, like a solid black suit. The only thing you need to beware of is that when you’re going for a classy approach, stay with the muted colors.

Avoid the bright yellows, the bright reds, stick to the neutrals like your grays and blues, and you’re safe to go when you’re matching your flannels with your suits.

If you’re headed to your office holiday party or you’re going to any type of event where you do need to be a little bit more dressy, this is a really fun way to kind of embrace the holiday season.

Flannel With Turtleneck

If you want a formal, elegant look for a date night, consider wearing a turtleneck, some earth tone chino pants, and a flannel on top.

Complete with a wool coat and Chelsea boots if you’d like to keep things a little bit more cozy and comfortable.

Since a turtleneck is just a little bit more of a dressy option, throwing the flannel over the top as a nice little shirt/jacket is a smart way to stay warm and functional.

Business Casual Flannel Outfits

Flannel is an excellent centerpiece for a business casual type outfit with some dress shoes and trousers. If you work somewhere that’s really cold, a flannel can work in place of a dress shirt.

Style it with dress pants, a blazer on top and maybe a tie to make it more sophisticated.