How To Take Better Self Pics

Have you ever asked yourself:

“Why do I look so good in the mirror but terrible in pictures?”

“Do I really look like my pictures? Jeez!”

“Why does my nose look 3 times bigger in my selfies?”

“My outfit looked on point when I put it on, but in the picture, it looked goofy!”

You’re not alone!

It’s a lot harder to take proper self pictures than a lot of people realize. Many dudes are baffled because how they see themselves in the mirror looks so much better than how they turn up in pictures!

With some tips and trick in this article, you can look amazing, even in pictures! Knowing how to take proper selfies is not just a vanity thing, think about all the different ways it helps your personal and professional life.

  1. HavingĀ a proper professional picture for your resume or linkedin account has been proven to increase chances of getting a job
  2. Replacing your drunk group selfies on facebook or any other social media with properly taken pictures makes you look a lot better prospect!

Now let’s get to how to actually take nice photos of yourself.

General Tips:

Good lighting should always be your #1 priority. It will MAKE or BREAK a photo. Without good lighting you can expect blurriness, lost details, weird tones and a thousand other things you don’t want in your picture.

You might notice that the best pictures are always taken outside (Just look at the many fashion instagrams), there’s a reason for this! When it comes to lighting, you can’t get much better than natural sunlight.

  • Make sure you’re not back lit. Ideally, light should be coming from an angle in front of you.
  • If you’re taking a picture in-doors and are having trouble getting decent lighting, open every curtain and turn on every light!
  • Avoid the on-camera flash. It gives light at the cost of flattening everything out. It also brings out every little detail that we DON’T want in a selfie.
  • Quickly wipe down your camera lens, it can get dirty or foggy quick.
  • Getting a good camera can help, but many great photos are taken with a standard camera phone! Lighting makes a lot more difference.

Here are two pictures, taken of the EXACT SAME OUTFIT with the SAME CAMERA.

Do you see why lighting is so important now?

Picture #1: Is your typical in-house mirror picture with terrible lighting – Look familiar? A lot of you guys probably have pictures like this.

Picture #2: This picture is taken using a tri-pod with all the light coming from natural outside light. See how great it looks?

Tips On Taking Better Selfies:

  • Lighting is still king, so try taking pictures outside! The best times are always morning to evening, the so called “golden hours” of selfies.
  • Try different poses, you won’t get it right the first time and that’s ok!
  • Use a tri-pod and a timer. Unsteady hands are the ruiner of many photos.
  • Avoid overly busy and distracting backgrounds. Go for simple.
  • Have fun! Get creative, and don’t take it so seriously!

I hope this guide has helped you guys take better self pics, or at the very least given you some basic photo taking skills you can use in your personal or professional life.