The Secret To Fixing A Patchy Beard (Male Models Use This)

With the rise of the facial hair trend, many dudes are letting their facial hair grow only to be disappointment with the scraggly hairs on their cheeks that forever doom them to a life of a goatee.

Well, I was one of those guys, and for the last few years I opted to go for a clean shaven look because when I grew my facial hair out, it was just downright embarrassing.

Looking at the full beard manes of those dudes on instagram from lumberjack style beards to perfectly shaped short beards without a naked spot in sight made me slightly jealous.

I kept wondering, just how the hell did they achieve such full, thick looking facial hair…was it purely genetics or was there something else here at play…?

I barely see these great looking beards in real life! They must know something I don’t.

Want A Nice Full Short Beard Like This? You’re About To Find Out How…

Well, I’m glad to tell you I’ve found the secret. (Huge shout out to my friend Elizabeth that works as a set make up artist for telling me this).

The best part is, it only costs $10 and you can pick it up at pretty much any drug store. It takes 5 minutes to use and you see results instantly.

A lot of what male models, celebrities or people with amazing beards on instagram aren’t telling you, is that they’re using a little known product called… JUST FOR MEN.

Yup. The same stuff your dad uses to cover his gray hairs can be used to transform your patchy beard into a glorious mane.

I am not bullshitting, I’m a chronic sufferer of patchy beard syndrome and after 1 use of this stuff, my beard came out looking AMAZING.

At this point you probably have some questions (like I did when I first found out) so I’ll try my best to answer them:

Q: Which Just For Men Product Do I get?

A: I recommend the Just For Men Beard and Mustache Coloring Gel. Make sure you get the right color that matches your beard color.

Q: Won’t it stain my skin if I have a patchy beard since there is exposed skin on my cheeks? 

A: This is what I initially thought too. I was prepared to not leave the house for a few days if this happened but surprisingly my skin wasn’t stained at all.

Q: Do I need a long beard to make this work?

A: I had a very short ‘beard‘ (if you can call it that) when first trying this. Just slightly more hair than a stubble. (1-2 weeks).

Q: Why/how does this work exactly?

A: From my basic knowledge it’s because the hairs are becoming slightly darker all around. You might not notice but you have very tiny hairs that are super thin and unnoticeable even when you have a patchy beard, once these hairs become more exposed because of the color, it brings them out and also creates a shadow effect giving you the look of a fuller, thicker beard!

Q: Any examples of this working?

A: I wish I recorded my before and after, but this video below does an amazing job of showing how to apply the product and exactly how it looks before and after.

Q: Any risks?

A: I didn’t experience any downside but any kind of hair coloring dye has been known to cause allergic reactions in certain people. That’s why even the box recommends you do a small patch test to make sure nothing crazy happens. As always, be smart and take your own precautions before using any product I suggest.